Bits and Pieces

Hello all, It’s kind of a busy in my house at the moment and I thought that
we would make some comments as there are a lot of people who ride the two
wheeled things and a few who ride the sensible one wheeled ones…

>From article on asked questions

>11. What makes a good unicycle?

> 1.1 Type of rim
> a) chromed steel
> b) chromed tubular steel
> c) alloy
> d) chromed alloy

Chromed alloy rims do not exist in the UK !!! ( and anyway brushed
alloy is sexy!)

> 1.2 Type of spoke holes in rim
> a) simple straight radial hole
> b) simple straight radial hole with recess for spoke’s nipple
> c) angle of holes matches angle of spokes
> d) angle of holes matches angle of spokes; recess for nipple

Much better if anodized purple (but Alison thinks its a sexist comment )

> 2.1 Number of spokes (more is better, if all spokes are kept tight)
> a) 28
> b) 36
> c) 40
> d) 48

Try finding a 26 inch 48 hole rim??!?!? ( Iain says Debbie says bigger
is better!)

> 2.2 Thickness of spokes (thicker is better, but weighs a little more)
> a) .080 in. (14 gauge)
> b) .092 in. (13 gauge)
> c) .105 in. (12 gauge)
> d) .125 in. (?? gauge)

( And thicker is definitly better too)

> 2.3 Spoking pattern
> a) 3 cross
> b) 4 cross
> d) 3 cross interleaved
> d) 4 cross interleaved

What do you mean by interleave, Spanish weave, snowflake or tangential???

> 2.4 Spoke material
> a) coat hanger :^&
> b) normal (steel zinc plated)
> c) stainless steel
> d) steel chrome plated
e) papier mache
f) cotton
g) nylon (stockings)
h) string
i) string(hairy)
j) solder
k) sandstone
l) marble (well, its pretty)
l) (asensible one) Hope ti-dye really are the best option

> 5.1 Bearing holders
> a) bolted on C-bracket (may apply excessive vertical force)
> b) snap ring (bearing may be minutely loose in all directions)
> c) pressed in holder (bearing must be pressed in with equal force)
> d) bolted on pressed in holder (same as c above, except the pressed fit
> may be looser as bolts keep bearing from moving.)

Bolt on C-bracket could be a good solution if it is formed to the bearing
exterior, snap rings are crap ( ask anyone who has worked on a Fisher
mountain bike)

> 5.3 Frame finish
> a) amateur spray painted ;^)
> b) baked-on enamel
> c) powder coated
> d) chrome plated
m) oil paint
n) water colour
o) powder paint
p) wallpaper (but nothing like Roger’s)
q) sticky back plastic( a la Blue Peter)
r) carbon fibre - natural finish ( needs nothing more …)

> 7.1 Seat (style should fit the individual)
> a) poorly designed - self destructs in 1 month of use
> b) Schwinn / Semcycle design (does it have bumpers now?)
> c) Wide Miyata type design without front handle
> d) Narrow Miyata type design with front handle

> 7.2 Seat should be broken down further, but the author is getting tired
> and sleepy [ 8^) -> :^O zzz -> 8^| -> :^O zzz -> 8^( ]

   I really don't think you should break anymore seats down...

> 8.1 Crank arms
a-) Papier mache ( but only mildly inferior to )
> a) solid oak [ :^O -> :^o -> :^O ] author lapses into dream land (be
> careful, the author seems to be getting cranky too :^)
> b) steel cottered
> c) steel cotterless
> d) alloy cotterless

> 9.1 Pedals
> a) rubber block, no spindle adjustment
> b) plastic, no spindle adjustment
> c) rattrap with spindle adjustment (eats shins 8^)
> d) plastic with spindle adjustment
s) red anodised aluminium (Roger says they’re sexy too !!!)

I hope you appreciate our slighlt pissed commentssss , Love and Kisses from

Iain, Ken, Roger, Ken, Alison, Ken, Ken, Ken, Ken and Ken. Cleveland UK

Re: Bits and Pieces

Georg Siegmon from Siegmono, at Kiel in Deutchland presents in his catalog a 26"
with 48 spokes (and other models of course) If someone is interessed, I can look
for his adress.

Re: Bits and Pieces

> Georg Siegmon from Siegmono, at Kiel in Deutchland presents in his catalog a
> 26" with 48 spokes (and other models of course) If someone is interested, I
> can look for his address.


Please do get his address, and phone/fax/email if possible, so it can be added
to the FAQ.