Birthday Suprise (Kristof, Krisz, and Aidan)

Hey guys here’s a new vid I made. The video is more about the riding than editing this time so next time I’ll focus a little more on it :slight_smile: Enjoy!

nice vid guys!!

kris his flip-gap was so sick!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Keep the fails in… its reassuring.

Really dig the music. The video had a great feeling to it. Great riding too.

I really liked the mix of styles in this video, and all of the riding was great! The falls were also very funny with the music!

Krisz - You start to be my hero :stuck_out_tongue:
loved the flip gap and grinds!

trials great as always :slight_smile:

shit no you tube in Germany!!!Please do it on vimeo!

Might fine riding there fellers…
Gutsy stuff.


that was cool :). liked the hops straight onto skinnies

I mean impressive!