Birthday present decision (Nimbus vs Onza vs DX)

It took a while for me. I live in Spokane, WA, so it was quite a distance to travel. I also placed the order on thursday, it got shipped friday, stopped on the weekend, then memorial day, and I think I got it either the next thursday or friday after it was shipped.

If I ordered it earlier in the week, and not during a holiday, I would of gotten it earlier, but the shipping was great.

Yeah, stinks that I ordered it on a Friday :roll_eyes: .

Oh well, I’ll just try not to be expecting it and accept whenever it comes as ‘early’.

Did UDC send you a tracking code? I had to e-mail them and ask for mine, but once I got that I tracked it and watched it get closer and closer.

The nimbus has a powder coated frame, that’s good.
The onza has longer cranks, better for trials, the nimbus has shorter, beter for street and freestyle.
The onza also has a stronger hub and cranks, but the nimbus ones are almost as strong. The nimbus has a gel seat, which is really good. the frames are similar, but the nimbus is p. coated a nice blue color.

nvmind, I just realized that u already ordered it, I didn’t know this had 2 pages… post pics of the uni when you get it!


The Hoppley actually has the KH 2004 hub, which I understand is an Onza hub.

Best of both worlds?

The Hoppley also has Qu-Ax cranks which don’t have as big of a ‘nub’ as the Profile or KH-Onza cranks, so there should be less bloody ankles.

Too bad it’s going to take 10 days :roll_eyes:

(9 and counting)

EDIT: Thanks again, Jerrick, I think I’ll email them for the tracking code tomorrow. I thought I had it, but when I tried tracking it on I realized that I had a different number (the UDC order number).

Yep, just email UDC helpdesk, and put in your order ID and item ID, unless you only got one, which will work, but I got two different e-mail with two different numbers and just sent both. They will then send the ups tracking number.

Have fun riding that beauty, its gonna last you forever.

There don’t seem to be many choices as far as seatpost replacement go.
The Hoppley has a 22mm seatpost, and the only other seatpost that I can find that might fit it is the Primo Rod seatpost.

(I’m really looking for a black seatpost to replace the chrome one :roll_eyes: )

hmm, you could spray paint it black and then paint it with several layers of shiny stuff.

Yeah, that’d work, but I also like the idea of being able to adjust my seat’s angle.

I’m excited :smiley:

my i just bought a nimbus hopley!
and its is so sweeeeeeeeet!

no problems.! iam really happy with my present too

my birthday is on july 18
but i already got the nimbus hopley as my present!

I looooooove the blue powder coat. why did you get a gray saddle? why not blue??? also, I think you should pry off the nimbus badge. How does it ride? It certainly looks awesome.


i got a kh fusion sandle in gray and a NIMBUS gel blue…

iam already using the blue one

this unicycle ride very well! now i can ride on the city so easy!
I did some drops with the uni and its look to be very very strong