Birthday MUni ride

My BD MUni ride was really fun. 4 hours of excellent singletrack, jeep road, and double track. The weather was sweet, started out with 35 degrees and ended with 65 degrees F. Not a cloud in the sky with Golden Aspen leaves and Colorado Blue sky over head. This trail, Sunnyside, is a classic around here. It is semi technical, world class scenery, and tons of single track. But, there is some climbing to get to all the fun stuff. It had rained/snowed hard twice during the week, so I was expecting some mud up high. Sure enough in the shady higher elevation sections it was sweet mud with puddles. I went into one puddle and immediately sunk 2 1/2 feet deep, after that, getting wet was not a problem. My MUni floats pretty well. I saw two people the whole ride in the backcountry, and they were hunters just chillin on the trail. We sat and talked for a bit, until they figured they would have to move to let me by. The trail at that point was on a extremely steep sidehill, with very little area to move to. The 8 mile single track downhill was so fun: steep/rocky/dropoffs/and some just smooth leaf covered trail. It was a challenge, as Sunnyside always is, but I finished with a tired smile on my face. You only turn 45 once.
20 miles all dirt , 65% single track
4 hours riding time, 5 hours total time
3200’ climbing, 3000’ descending
average speed uphill 4.7 mph
average speed downhill 7.1 mph
average temperature 52F
95% of trail rode
elk, deer, squirrel, chipmunk spotted,States,Trails/Colorado/,Sunnyside,Trail/PRD_166763_4533crx.aspx#reviews

Gallery- Just scenic shots, no crazy jumping off stuff shots, I was to busy rippin up the singletrack

I keep on telling myself I’m not jealous…

Edit - of the rides, not turning 45!

Congrats on your ride and Happy Birthday!

This really makes me want to move to Colorada more and more everyday, especially when I see stuff like this…maybe someday!



I’d like to get the altitude training you do.

Happy BD Mike!

Its awesome rides like that that make me jealous I don’t live in Aspen. Dont get too many rides like that here in MD. Anywany, sounds like awesome riding!

First of all, happy birthday. I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your photos but, your photos are always quite large and run off the right side of my screen. Consequently, so does your text which makes your post difficult to read. I have to scroll left to right repeatedly to read the post. A real pain on some our your longer ones. I’m absolutely no computer whiz so I don’t know if reducing your picture size would help or if maybe there’s something that could be done on my end. Anyway, not a complaint to be sure, just an observation.

BTW, I envy your riding abiliity. It makes me really wish I wasn’t coming along so SLOWLY but it also helps motivate me. I do road bikes w/ multiple century rides per year and one day wish to transfer at least some of this to uni.

PS; what uni do you use for Muni?

Happy Birthday, Mike. Birthday rides are the way to go.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes, even though you werent there, I imagined that all my buddies were enjoying the sweet singletrack with me. Sorry for the huge photos, i know what a pain it is. As far as my MUni, I just use a nimbus 24 which suits me fine. I upgraded cranks/pedals/and seat. My son who does trials/muni both has the kh24. To the rest, don’t be jealous, just get your butts here and start enjoying the lifestyle. There are lots of oppurtunities here in the mountains for all of you. Everybody else is moving here, what are you waiting for? Until then, I will continue to post my uni adventures so you all can enjoy.

Happy birthday Mike!

Thanx for sharing with us. The photos have been great.

Doug, 45