Birthday Cake

My mom made me a unicycle birthday cake. It was my idea, but she made the whole thing. :slight_smile: She did a really great job. I put a picture I had my brother take with his digital camera in a gallery. Here is the link:

It now looks like part of an ultimate wheel. :smiley:


Re: Birthday Cake

Outstanding. Happy Birthday!

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

By the way, it’s supposed to look my freestyle unicycle that I got for Christmas. It looks like this:
(It’s actually the one with 36 spokes, but it has a blue tire and seat)


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Thanks! My birthday’s actually not until Tuesday but we had my birthday dinner today.

I kept telling my mom how great it was. It took her a long time, and it was really nice of her to put in all the effort to make it!


:smiley: :smiley: H A P P Y:) :)B I R T H D A Y :smiley: :smiley:
I wish my mom would make me a cake like that!

How many times have I told you Nikkifrog…you can’t have your cake and ride it, too!

Happy birthday :d

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On Sun, 9 Mar 2003 15:04:11 -0600, nikkifrog
<> wrote:

>My birthday’s actually not until Tuesday but we had my birthday
>dinner today.

Congratulations Nikki. Very well done birthday cake, I’m not sure if
that blue looks very tasty though.

My wife’s birthday is on coming Tuesday too, and we had the birthday
dinner today. So obviously you made good choices there :slight_smile:

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Re: Birthday Cake

that’s one awesome cake!
Happy Birthday!


Great cake.

Happy Birthday

Can you send one to my house by Thursday? :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday!!! (and a great cake) It’s a good thing you’ve got a photo to remind you of that amazing cake.


For shame! Have you never had green eggs and ham?

Happy Birthday Nikki!!


Not only a great cake, but a great COLOR as well. Happy birthday, Nikki. I’ve been 15 three times. The first time was the best. Enjoy it.

i’d be afraid to eat such a nice cake. wow!
Happy Birthday!


Great cake Nikki! Three cheers for your Mom.


looks at calendar

Happy Birthday!!!


I wonder what the Legomen would do if they encountered a head-high blue unicycle birthday cake… Hmmmmmm…


Doggy bags… Lots of doggy bags.


Happy Birthday today! Mine was last Monday. Unlike Harper, I was only 15 once. But I wouldn’t mind going back.

I’ve had some very special people make me some unicycle cakes as well; one for my birthday last year, and one for the rehearsal dinner at my wedding. Both were pictured on the back of a recent issue of On One Wheel.

Someday they’ll be pictured on my Web site… :stuck_out_tongue: