Birds and Trials

Vimeo - Highish quality -
Youtube - Low quality -

This vid took a lot longer than I expected. I have trouble stopping and filming, I just want to ride. The next one should be out next month, with updates to the sliver trials park.

Please comment on youtube and give some criticism! Editing/music/riding, I need it for heaven’s sake.

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Justin K for some filming and letting me stay at his place for a weekend in Vancouver.


Very nice. On one low note I didn’t really like how the first song ended in the middle of it. I find the overall feeling of a video is better when you keep the same song, unless it ends, the whole video. But besides that I really enjoyed it. Your riding has really improved I think from your last video. Your a lot better at more precise and technical jumps. I liked seeing the rail riding too, so keep that up. Congrats on the 1m jump too…even though you cleared the other one good. It’s still nice to get it w/out having ppl complain haha. Just keep on riding hard, I can see you getting very very good in the future. Keep making plenty of vids cause I enjoy them too

I won’t do that next vid, I see what you mean.
Thanks for the kind words, I hope we meet someday.

The clip at 1:33 was 6 feet long and a foot high, it look mini in the video =(.

Nice vid, keep up the great riding. And i really liked the railing ride.

I forgot to mention…nice birds

Thanks:D . I met a really angry goose downtown today for birds and trials 2 XD.

That was good. But why didn’t you include your super awesome trials course in the vid? Also do you find it easier to jump a bar than up onto a ledge?

Awesome owl shot at the beginning, they are my favorite animal.

Good riding, I liked the video but you need to deinterlace it next time, atleast the vimeo one.

I was going to get footy with me riding my course, but I crushed my finger with a heavy log and as I was falling I pierced my palm with a nail stub and hurt my knee. Just as I was cleaning up :angry: . I’m going this weekend to film, and a vid should follow shortly.

I find I can give everything I have with a bar as there is no way I can get hurt. On failed attempts, the bar just gets thrown off and I curse. So in a way it’s easier than jumping onto a ledge. I still practice on ledges, but my bar hight still surpasses my ledge hight. I’m sure if I grew a pair I could go bigger, but whatever - it’s all for fun.

I often see owls on my way to my family’s cottage. They are truly magnificent birds. This owl was a great-gray.

Could you explain about this deinterlace thing? Be warned, I’m a computer retard. Just putting up this video was harsh.:smiley:

Sweet, I look forward to that vid. You could put matresses or something at the top of the ledge, I still do that sometimes when trying to make new personal bests. But you seem te be pretty good at jumping a bar so I guess just stick with that. You don’t generally jump bars in real trials though :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome video! I’m happy to see all trials :). I enjoyed the birds as well.

John Childs gave me this link when I forgot to de-interlace - it helped me understand it.

Thanks for the link.

duuuude, nice vid. congrats on 102 thats madness.

cant wait to ride again,

That was a heck of alot of reading just to find out I didnt have the appropriate software… yay.

awesome video!:smiley:

Wow. :astonished: That was such an awesome video Danni! You have such a great Trials style. Loving the uni too. You always have great music too. The video quality was so great. What editing program do you use? And if you watch it on YouTube on “high quality” it is really good quality. I think YouTube or something de-interlaces video’s itself. Anyway congrats on the 102cm sidehop over the bar. How high can you sidehop ledges?

10/10 Video! :smiley: :slight_smile:

I am very excited to see the next video!


awesome video, and a very nice owl.

Thanks Isaac,

I was pretty sure that everyone would hate the music, but I like it:) . I use video edit magic 4.4 because I still have windows 2000. Not the greatest program as the audio always seems to get mismatched with the clip, but it works good enough.

I haven’t really tried ledges lately except yesterday. I was hitting 39 with ease, and didn’t try anything else. I was going to film it, but I got kicked out by security:( .

The “high quality” thing works really well, thanks for that!

We shall soon. I’ll be going to Whistler in august, and I’ll be coming down to vancouver for 4-5 days. Hopefully we can ride then:D .

I have a love/hate relationship with watching awesome videos like yours. I love watching your awesome riding (102 over bar is insane!) but I hate how it makes me realize how slow I’m progressing:p

Great video!