bird crap

i know this sounds slightly stupid but i left my uni outside for a couple of hours to day and i came back to go out on it and there was some bird crap on it. i was well pissed off. has any one else had this happen to them, do birds hate unis?

I think it must just be a ‘crappy’ day.
I was driving along in my car and had to giggle as a lady walking along got crapped on from a great hight.


Some people say it’s lucky.

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I don’t know if birds hate unis or not, but its quite easy to clean the poop off. I had left my uni in my backyard for about 4 hours, and I actually was lucky enough to see bird sit on the side of my seat and let one drop right onto the side of the seat, lucky it was on the vinyl part of the seat, so it wiped off just fine. Depending on where the bird pooped on your uni it is quite easy to clean off, if you don’t let the poop just sit there and get hard and what not. And yes in some countries, or maybe even just cities, it is considered lucky to have a bird poop on you. I know where I live its lucky. But having a bird poop on your uni, for all I know that is horrible luck.

mmmm… i have a lucky, gifted unicycle

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> mmmm… i have a lucky, gifted unicycle

It is actually disastrously unlucky to wipe it off. Go ride.


I’m shocked.
I can’t believe there’s a thread about this . . .
and I can’t believe I’m posting a reply.

Wash it off.

Not crap but swooped on

In Australia we have a bird called a magpie. They are great birds, but when they have babies they get really aggressive and protective. They swoop on all sorts of people, like walkers, cyclists and unicyclists.

Generally you hear a swoosh as they come from behind, then if they are lucky and you are not so lucky, they hit you with their beaks. They don’t crap on you, they just draw blood.

Well today, I was showing someone how to ride a Coker and this bird attacked. It made it a bit difficult, particularly as I wasn’t wearing a helmet.

Yer about those magpies (im from australia too) just yesterday i was riding my 20" and well normaly magpies have their breeding season in september which is sorta close but yer i was riding and i heard this noise and saw the birds shaddow on the ground coming for me so i looked to the left and it landed on the ground about 2 metres away ( i had now stopped and was looking at it) and the darn thing just stood there squaking at me so i watched it for a bit swore at and told it where to go and it flew off into a tree my point is i couldnt believe the the nerve of this bird like i have never seen one do that has anyone else?

They reckon (whoever they are) if you paint eyes on the back of your helmet, it scares them away. I had one that scratched my ears, a few years ago but I had not painted eyes on the back of my helmet. We forget about them every year until spring. They can scare the cr_p out of you.

as i t is lucky im haveing a lucky day to day i have found TWO 4 LEAF CLOVERS thats gotta be well lucky and have a bird crap on my uni how gifted lol

is a dog pissing on your b*ke considered good luck???

at least i had a mudguard . . .

i havent got a clue but if you ask me its unlucky cuz your b*ke will sting of dog pee

Now you can consider your uni “the real poopcycle”

and after all that i then found another 4 leaf clover and a 5 leaf clover magic hahaha

Sorry, I keep seeing this thread title, and can’t resist the traditional joke:

What do you do if a bird craps on your car?
Don’t take her out again.

and now another 4 leaf clover so thats four four leafclovers and 1 five leaf clover so 5 lucky clovers overall

hey, at least it’s a pretty accurate and descriptive thread title

Have you got nowt better to do than look for portents of impending fortune (or doom) then report them back to the forum ?

Sit on the crap and ride through the clover.:wink:

it could be worse
he could be posting the pics as he goes along…


i could do but they r on my phone