Billingham Unicycle Hockey Tournament Team Wanted!!!

Hey guys, I’m up for this big time. If anyone has seen me play hockey, you’ll know that I’m a rising star on the scene and all I need is the chance to prove myself!
I need a team to compete with though, so if there are any teams who need one more player or if there is a group of you out there, interested in taking part, but don’t have a team, reply to this thread and we’ll get something together. Get back to me as soon as possible so we can get the team in on time.

Try not to reply all at once, as the heavy reponse may crash the server.


Lucas, i’m scouting you!!!

And Joe B, you’re in too.

Come on guys, man up!


yeh come on guys, lol
I pick Swum, sorry Chum

we can talk about this on saturday.