Bil, Klaas (3rd Anniversary)

Today, January 15, 2003, is, by my best estimation, the 3rd anniversary of the first post by one, Klaas Bil:

Klaas has contributed greatly to the unicycling community by, among other activities:

  1. Teaching his own children to unicycle thereby ensuring the existence, at least in the Netherlands, of a next generation of riders
  2. Introducing many unicyclists to the existence of the diabolical Echelon system
  3. Providing a statistical analysis of RSU postings.

But perhaps his most enduring contribution lies in his very name. He has a LAST name that most certainly really is a FIRST. And a FIRST name that not only is clearly a LAST, but is also one that confounds virtually all who try to spell it. There are even those who can not spell it correctly, so it would seem, by cutting and pasting.

So here’s to you KLASS!

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

It’s been good, Bill Klass.


Ahh… his english was still better than mine back then -aarrrrgg!


so what do u get someone for a third unicycleforumposting anniversary ?
glass, paper, airseat, legarmour?


Hey Klaas, did your daughter ever get the uni?

Re: Bil, Klaas (3rd Anniversary)

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003 12:34:45 -0600, JJuggle
<> wrote:

>Today, January 15, 2003, is, by my best estimation, the 3rd anniversary
>of the first post by one, Klaas Bil:

Thank you RL. Another piece of fine research by JJuggle who seems to
have some unoccupied time occasionally.


My daughter’s birthday wish was the starting point of three unicycling
careers in our family.

As to my name: native English speakers do more often misspell like
Klass than spell it right. And in fact, when pronounced as ‘class’
(try UK English) it’s quite near to how I say it myself. Bil is not a
first name over here.

(I reposted above message on the newsgroup to get it to the forum as

Addition for Sofa: yes she got the uni, see e.g.
<> (she’s the one on the right).

Klaas Bil

Ride carefully; 25% of the people in the world are caused by accidents.