BikeWebSite (with Welding Tutorial, etc)

If you’re into unicycling and want some technical advice, including gas
welding lessons so you can make your own tall unis, ultimate wheels, etc.
check out It used to be a subscription site, but now it
is free. - Jeff Napier

Good site
You ought to put in a little section on what steels you can do what with, ie 501 is braze only whereas 531 can be tiged etc.

The other thing - it’s probably in there but I missed it - is that you don’t stress the importance of not overheating the tubing when using these tempered steels.
I like steel - it is the best material for building bikes and unis - but if you overheat the braze the steel becomes crystaline and will retain only a fraction of it’s proper strength.

Oh and there’s a couple of incorrect points in the quiz
eg a snakebite is actually a term refering to a double puncture due to the tyre bottoming out, at lest it is over here.