Biker wipes out while muni cruises on, and other highlights

Thanks for uploading that Perry, and for posting about, Ro.

Those trails were sweet, especially that rock section, maybe a 3/4 mile section on a rock “whaleback”. Fun, fun, fun.

P.S. Start a Mac vs PC thread and get that discussion outa here.

Oh, ok. So that explains why there are so many more MILLIONS of people with pc’s than macs. :stuck_out_tongue:


There are also millions more people with bicycles than unicycles. :wink:

haha that makes my point! I have both of those too. Those millions more people who own bikes, like the efficiency, speed, ease of use and the luxury and convenience of thousands of bike shops to buy parts, make repairs, etc.

I love my uni because it’s unique, but I work much harder, have much less tech support options or places to get parts readily and conveniently, but like your argument for the Mac, I like the uniqueness of it better than a bike, and I love the results i get in the way of fitness, but for the reasons stated above in bold, (which correlate nicely with a pc) it’s no contest.

Haha, I’m just having fun. Macs are nice too, but there are pros & cons to both…:stuck_out_tongue:

I used to waste my time in discussions like this, but I think I’ll sit back and relax and watch and see what happens. As far as most of us are concerned, the Mac vs. PC debate pretty much ended in 2005, or, at worst, when Vista came out.

BTW Terry, if you think that your PC is a paragon of efficiency, speed, ease of use, and luxury, I recommend you try a Mac for a week! :slight_smile:

(and I made plenty of remarks like this WELL before I worked at Apple :p)

Okay. I concede. You win. But I still like my Mac better than my pc.

I don’t have a bike anymore. I lent mine to a drunk brother-in-law who lost his license to a DUI. By the time he and his juvenile delinquent son trashed it out, I didn’t want it back. It left a nice bike. It’s junk now. All I have is the uni which I still have to learn to ride.

Haha you missed my edit. I think macs are fine but there are pros & cons to both platforms.

I also believe it’s human nature to favor what you own, and have invested in, in the same way that a Democrat tends to lean towards their candidate, and a Republican will tend to lean toward theirs. No surprise. It gets dicey sometimes when the two opposing camps try to convince the other side that they are right and the other side is wrong. I say let’s celebrate our diversity! Muni vs trials vs street vs coker vs freestyle? It’s all good!:smiley:

Re: Biker wipes out while muni cruises on, and other highlights

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>CoreTechs wrote:
>> Just use Firefox with the quicktime plugin. Should work for you then.
>Or just upload to youtube then everyone can watch it. Simple.

Yes, please?

Haha. Ive bee on a mac now for about 2 weeks, and its the worst 2 weeks of computing ive ever had.

I need to order my graphics card soon so I can be back on my comp.

Since Vista came out? What does that mean? Sure it originally had a few problems (even when it first came out, I installed it on a friends laptop that I use all the time and it ran super smooth, and no problems.) but now they have SP1 out for it which makes it very nice upgrade over XP. I need to install it soon on my own comp.

Anyways, it all comes to preference. I dont like the way macs are setup and how they run. On Windows, I feel more in control. I know how to use both machines, and they perform equally well, and all I use my comps for are photoshop, premiere, audio recording/editing, and then the basics.

The only thing that is really different, it that its much easier to play games on a windows comp compared to a mac, but im not much of a gamer, so that isnt a problem.

So yep, pretty equal machines, its just my preference they I dont like using a mac when I have the option to use my comp. Lol, ive been using macs longer than windows too, thats kinda funny. Way back in elementary school and even before that.

Oh, I have no probem with Quicktime, I just use he codec so I can watch the videos in Realplayer, or I just use VLC. The time when i had the quicktime program, I had it set not to run at startup, or ever, unless I had to use it for a video.

Fun video. I dont get to ride with bikers all to much.

Yes I did miss your edit. It all comes down to personal preference. If we all liked the same things, it would be an awful dull world. Some like Fords, some like Chevys. Some like Coke, some like Pepsi. Some like chocolate and some like vanilla. Some like pc’s and some like Macs. We’re all different.

Jesus F***ING Christ!

This is (was) a thread about a great muni spot near where we live. Unicyclists might want to read a thread about that topic if they click on this thread.

Somebody make a damn thread about Fing Macs and Fing PCs, then talk about it all you want. Get it the hell out of here.

Haha wow! Chill steve! There were lots of comments on topic, and will be more I’m sure. :slight_smile: At least we were having fun and not tearing eachothers’ heads off lol!

PS: I think the PC/Mac thing started because the video posted to this thread couild not be viewed by some, me for one. So in a way, it was definitely related.

I don’t often get that teed off, do I? It was just getting ridiculous.

Haha yeah it did get a bit overboard…read my “PS” edit; I think that explains it a bit, or at least how it started, and grew from there.

It coulda/shoulda have gone over to “Just Conversation” after Perry (capuni) took the trouble to post it on youtube (post #13 of this thread), right?

nice video offering .thankyou
(thread back on track):slight_smile:

wow. take the discussion to jc

good movie!

Re: Biker wipes out while muni cruises on, and other highlights

>Wow… you guys are impatient. Here is the YouTube version so that we
>don’t have to hear anymore about your opinions on QuickTime. :roll_eyes:
Thank you very much.

Wow, that’s offensive! I’m glad it doesn’t usually come to this.