Biker wipes out while muni cruises on, and other highlights

A recent muni up on some mountainbike trails in Saratoga, NY was spectacular. These members-only trails are probably the best around as they include miles and miles of great single track with a real wilderness feel. We got a tour from 2 members on bikes who were continuously in awe of even our mediocre muni skills.

So in awe, in fact, that the Filmer of this video flipped over the handlebars with the camera running (towards the end)


gps of route

website for trails

Thanks to Mark and Ethan for showing us around, and waiting for us instead of ditching us in the middle of the Adirondack woods.

Could you upload to youtube? I don’t have quicktime to view it.


Haha I tried to upload QT on my vista OS, but wouldn’t install. Oh, and the DL option doesn’t work either.

Works for me both in IE7 and Firefox 3 with Vista.
Go to Apple and download/install the latest iTunes/QuickTime. There shouldn’t be any issues with installing iTunes or QuickTime in Vista.

Yeah, youtube it if you can, I too don’t have Quicktime.

QuickTime is evil. There was a where I refused to install it because it was a constant series of critical security holes. It has gotten better, but still has issues and you still need to keep up with security updates for it.

That’s exactly where I went in the first place but it would not install after the [successful] download.

Just use Firefox with the quicktime plugin. Should work for you then.

Or just upload to youtube then everyone can watch it. Simple.

…Or that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Installing Quicktime Alternative is an option.

I will not let the original Apple Quicktime anywhere near my computer, as it is one of the worst malwares out there.

Wow… you guys are impatient. Here is the YouTube version so that we don’t have to hear anymore about your opinions on QuickTime. :roll_eyes:

Wow, those trails look terrific! They would be a bit of a trip for me but I would love to try them sometime. So members only means you have to be in some kind of club to ride on them? :thinking:

Nice video.

HAHA! It wasn’t an opinion. It was a fact that it would not install. And yes, QT sucks imo! :roll_eyes: (No offense to the “appleheads” out there :slight_smile: )

If you upgrade to a Mac, all your problems would be solved!


Haha, you mean downgrade, lol. :wink: But, of course, you work for apple, so I can’t blame your bias.:slight_smile:

No it’s an upgrade. I have both and the Mac is far superior.

… for iTunes and QuickTime.