Bikemania in Seattle's Sand Point/Magnuson Park

I have a Google Alert on the word “unicycle”, so I found this article in today’s (8/11/2005) Seattle Times…

If you scroll to the bottom, there is a blurb about a BMX and unicycle show for ages 5 to 19 –

Bikemania is noon-3 p.m. Wednesday at Sand Point/Magnuson Park, Hangar 30, 6344 N.E. 74th St. The free event is for ages 5 to 19, and includes BMX and unicycle stunt demos, a bike parade, Tour de Magnuson, games, a bike safety rodeo, bike boot camp and more. Details: 206-684-7026.

The page is dated today, Thursday, 8/11/2005, so “Wednesday” must mean next week… 8/17/2005 (please double-check this if you are attending).

This is all I know about the event (I live 2,887.56 miles from Seattle). If anyone attends, give us a report.

why is it that whenever I have a new reason to search for a word, unicycle is always the very next word I search for after (for the most part) the original word?

music searches, google searches, clip art, … (I only discovered this when a colleague pointed it out :frowning: )

Cool, looks like they found a uni group. They contacted the Uniques but due to vacations (leave in an hour), work for the adults (ew), etc. we couldn’t get critical mass to do the demo so we had to decline.

Maybe next year.