I can’t help but cringe when I see that annoying b*ke thing. What is the purpose of censoring the bike. I love biking, what is with the hatred?

its kinda just a joke on these forums, I think…because since we’re all unicyclists, its natural for us to be antiBicycles. even though very few of us, if any, actually are…so yeah, its just for kicks.

Yeah, I used to get a little annoyed at the b*ke thing too, until I realized it was kinda tongue-in-cheek. I much prefer to unicycle these days but I still like bikes. There have been a few times since I started to uni that I’ve been nursing a uni related injury and couldn’t risk another fall so I’ll get back on the bike just to keep in shape.

becuuuuz, bahcickles are da DEVIL!

Yes, I find it a bit irritating sometimes. It’s simply an affectation - intended to be mildly humorous, like UPD. It generally does no harm.

Trouble is, I think some new members may feel it is expected, and perpetuate it to fit in, and some may even be put off by it. If so, then maybe it’s a bad thing - but not compared to, say, a world wide war on terror, global warming or avian flu.

When I was in a motorcycle club, the following good natured divisions applied:
Bikes - vs - cars
MZ bikes - vs - other bikes
2 stroke MZ bikes - vs - 4 stroke MZ bikes
2 stroke premix MZ bikes -vs - 2 stroke autolube MZ bikes.

Each sub-tribe had its own shibboleths and affectations.

When I was a bicyclist, many years ago, and rode with the Tandem Club, some of the old farts, as a warning, would shout “Oil up” if a car was approaching from behind, and “Oil down!” if a car was approaching from ahead.

It’s all part of the same thing: defining the tribe by semi-jocular mocking of those “outside” the tribe.

In reality, many of the regulars here ride bikes . I would too if I could cope with the unnecessary complexity.

Worry less.:smiley:

I don’t hate my bikes, I just never use them anymore! But it’s all in f*n.

Of course, I must admit that when I feel the need for more than one wheel, I use a tricycle - but then everybody says I’m more than a little :astonished: odd and so would not use an even wheeled thing . . .:smiley: :roll_eyes:

Other names I have fun with (for places I may or may not use:)

Barnes and Ignoble {Barnes and Noble} (went there today)
Home Despot {Home Depot}
Loud and Tacky {Lord and Taylor}
Bugger Thing {Burger King}

Haha, that’s so cool! Creative :slight_smile: There’s no real hatred against bike, I rode one for the first time last night :stuck_out_tongue: I made it 17 years without riding one :stuck_out_tongue: mostly because I didn’t have one, and never really had the desire to ride anything til thi year.

17 years, eh? Was it hard or just like riding a bike?

i had a go on a bike recently, for want of my unicycle. not as strange as i had imagined, although the gears were unnerving. also, in tight spots i kept aiming for places where i could stop and do a 3-point turn before realising bikes are a bit more straightforward (ho, ho, the wit). well, i hope to beat those 17 years one day (most likely a day 18 years from now).