bike/uni demo in Whistler, BC (pics)

Hey Everyone,

Its been awhile since ive done a demo, this all happened last weekend. Did a write up over at the factory team blog.

Check it out if you’ve got time.


Whistdemo copy.jpg

Awesome! Nice pictures, the crowd looked into it, and a great advertisement for unicycling!!:smiley:

sweet!! that looks very fun!

Well done. You had a pretty big croud

Nice! The setup looks well made and so much fun. I like that little skinnies box with the tight wire!

The wire was probably the best. so much fun. It was awesome because you could use it as a trampoline!

The demo was great, Myself and Bryan Corry are putting on another one in Surrey, BC on the 13th of June if anyones interested in coming. Its for another bike event. Theres suppose to be a huge BBQ, bmx flatlanders, dirst jumpers, and us.

should be good times

Nice job Justin! I was gonna say you should have told us… but perhaps we can get some people out to the June 13th ride.
South Surrey Bike Park?
The wire was cool… theres one of those at Burnaby Skills Park eh. I’ve ridden across it, but hadn’t thought of using it to bounce.