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anybody know if the brisa b20 pro fame is any good?

I just want to say how weird it is to be reading this thread right now.

eh’ could be worse.

Most trials riders say Brisas break too easliy which was true, but the company says the dont break anymore, but people still are weary about it.

I go with something like a koxx, echo, or zoo if you have the ca$h.

true and i got the cash, its just going to be hard to give up having a seat. its too hard to find a mod frame with a seat nowadays

why do you want a seat on a mod?

I fyou have to ride a fair distance to a spot, maybe give stock a try…

just looks odd. not used to it. i mean ill never use or sit on the seat even if i had one. im considering the zoo! python, its like $450 tho

I’d buy it…
I dont think anyone is displeased with koxx or zoo

It comes in 1005 and 1045… How tall are you? I’m 5’10 and ride a 1045 (stock) and it is long enough to get up stuff but not so long that it feels super streched out, but then again, mods have really long stems. Montys are really short so it will feel different. I’d posta thread on or search for it there on which size they reccomend.

My friend rides an alibongo, he likes it. I’m fond of the monty mod bikes as well. But mostly because they have neon green on them 0_o.

Pinkbike is viewed by most bikers as the place for posers, from my experience. They measure in pinkbike feet there! at least a 2:1 ratio, pinkbike feet are much smaller, allowing for their phenominal 10 foot airs off a curb, and the like :-). I’m fond of .

wUtZ uP? I liek landed and 17 foot roaad gapp ON my hardtaile today, so IM better than U!!!111