bike trials

does anyone on here do bike trials if so whats a good cheap bike for beginers and sorry if this belongs in jc but i thaught it might get mmore replies here

one thing you should learn before making a thread is to not ask questions about b*kes… some people dont like bikers on here…lol

BIKE!! Dont bleep out the frickin word. It was cute for a second, now get over it! BIIIIIKE

True that this isnt exactly the best place to ask about bike stuff, but then again the dude might not be so far off. I know that quite a few of the unicyclists on here also do it on 2 wheels.

Now, manon1wheel, you gotta be a little more accepting. Its really scary that you dont like BIKERS…flat out…broad…none of them, huh? That is some crap!

I would be extatic if i met a trials biker today. 2 wheels, 1 wheel? who gives a rats ass? We could still ride together and have fun on the same stuff.

Trials, MTB, DOwnhill, BMX, Distance… its all good. Everyone has their own thing they enjoy and thats awesome.

This is so asinine i cant finish writing about it.

norco 125.

Thats true.
I ride muni whit a friend ho rides a bike.
I can’t go fast but I have more control and I can go down from steeper hills than he.

what? thats a drt jumping bike

Most people start out on monty mods. (alp 219, x-lite, etc.)
I would buy a used one, because like a semi-learner uni, you’ll want to upgrade in the near future, prolly ride a stock.

register at

send me a pm if you have some questions

It depends if you want to ride mod or stock, but I’ve heard good things about the lower-price-ranged onza bikes, like the T-Raptor or T-Pro. Also depends how available they are in the US.


an onza t-pro is pretty good, and fairly cheap. thats the one i was thinking on getting, but then i just got my Muni.

I don’t think you can buy them easily in the US

you can order them online, ive seen them for sale, if only i can find that website.

go to this

tell me if it dont work

Thats in the UK…


i ride a monty 219 a-alp with mages its a great bike i would highly recamond it

Unless your totally sure you want to ride just trials all the time I wouldnt buy a mod bike, I have alot of friends who have mod bikes sitting on the shelf while they go out and ride trials on stock bikes that they can also take out and ride urban on.

You can do all the things on a stock bike that you can do on a mod, they are just a bit harder for most people. Personally I would go out and get a planet X alibongo or something similar and set it up around light free riding not trials. If you find trials is really your thing you can upgrade to something else a bit more specialized. Also you can probably sell your original bike and make back most of your investment as free ride style stuff is way more popular right now.

too late for an edit, I ment the planet x pitbull. The alibongo is the trials specific frame.

I have an alibongo, but you wouldn’t want to put a uspension fork on it.

the 125 is a dirtjump/street bike… you can do trials on it if u wanna… but street biking is way more fun :stuck_out_tongue:

i have a monty 219 magura. everything is mint except i need a new frame. i have a crack on the back chainstay. if your just getting into trials dont go mod. get a hardtail mountain bike and if you dont like trials you can get into urban or freeriding easily.

if anybody has a mod frame kicking around thier not using im up for offers or if anybody knows of any sites where i can buy frames onlinethat would be great.