[Bike Trials] Danny MacAskill (Street+Trials)

That’s what we need as an example… Street+Trials with style, lots of styles!

Some crazy new stuff! He’s getting sick!

PS: Not uni, but street riders must see that!

Yeah hes totally the man and inspired me. I’ve got lots of ideas for new lines now.

thats some thing you dont see every day lol

i liked it when he went up the trees

God, every time I see Danny I just want to smack myself for not being that good. His real name should be Danny Megaskills.

3:07 thru 3:46 are my favorite parts.

Really nice stuff and big.


that was sick. I’d love to see this kind of style in street unicycling.

Edit: and also +1 to Hungry4Uni’s post.

Totally blown away. Thanks for posting such an awesome vid

If I could do that, i wouldn’t do anything else! Wow!
He makes it look so natural, it’s like walking.

That didn’t really give me any new ideas, but man, that was awesome!

That tailwhip sidehop gap is something I like to do a lot with flip tricks :p. More people should do stuff like that, it’s fun.

CRAZY!! :astonished: the backflip off the tree was intense!

haha i was about to do the same! yeah this stuff is nuts. So cool

Holy shit that was amazing. The backflip 180 on the tree and that gap near the end. And the 360 down the huge stair set, nd the manual along the rail, the whole thing was amazing.

I like when he jumps down massive things. All the people come over and look over the side like, :astonished:

I watched this video this morning, it had only 300 views and no comments

its now up to 42,264 views and over 300 comments!! :astonished:

Yeah, its been popping up everywhere.
Absolutely amazing. He was the reason i got into street trials.

awesome skills
the flair at the three and the tailwhip over the gap were cool
and the 360´s down stairs and the drop from the bridge was sick

… i want to post a video (not made by me, you’ve seen it, its a funny one) as my response… but i can’t bring myself to do it…

I’m bringing my unicycle to class now, because of this.

ridiculous skills… i think i even drooled on my keyboard a little…

sorry i meant tree :stuck_out_tongue:

I like EVERYTHING in this video, and the editing was veryvery good, I would love to see editing like that in Unicycling videos…