Bike stuff on Uni

In article <>, (Phillip
Burgess) writes:
|> (Eric A. Gebhart) writes:
|> > I do have really nice handles on my seat, just in case I do want to hold
|> > them. They also protect my cyclometer.
|> A bike 'puter? On your unicycle? Wow! I was gonna ask if anyone does this,
|> but I thought I’d get flamed to hell for being such a geek.
|> I once saw a young woman get on the bus with her unicycle. She had a water
|> bottle mounted below the seat tube, and was wearing the special cycling shoes
|> and the whole bit. I was really impressed… wish I could be that nerdy. I’ll
|> have to practice more.

Yep, a bike 'puter with cadence! I also have a water bottle, a seat pack, half
toe clips, a quick release seat clamp, and sometimes an electric generator –
for better workouts. oh yea and Onza bar ends on my seat.