Bike Store Carrying unicycles

This question will be directed mainly towards bike store owners but anyone who knows anything can help. I work at a local bicycle shop and have finally convinced my boss to consider carrying a line of unicycle or at least make them available. It is possible for us to get cheap-o unicycles from our current suppliers but we are more interested in carrying something like semcycle or nimbus or yuni or something along that line. I was just wondering if any other shop owners or anyone in general knew how to contact these suppliers in order to sign up as a licensed dealer of their products, i was put in charge of the task. Thanks for your help again.

Cole Chapman

Well, considering that Yuni and Nimbus are UDC’s brands, they night be a good place to start. You should see about getting your shop on the list.

Try contacting Sem Abrahams directly.

You’ll probably do better with Torker than any of the more expensive unis. Most buyers will be first-time buyers who wouldn’t contemplate a $200 unicycle.

yea this is true, our bike shop has only torker unicycles and when i was new to uniing i wouldnt get anything expensive.

you should get torker lx’s & dx’s at the most expensive. But maybe u should also get some kind of cheap Muni (1 in stock at a time)so people can see how big and beafy they r.

for display

May I suggest you have at least one Coker 36’ for display?
So people can see how big and fast a uni can go?

I work at a bike/outfiters shop and we carry 4 uni’s in stock most of the time we use as a distributer. There great to work with.:wink:

my favorite local biek shop is UDC dealer and has a couple cheapo Suns hanging around and a toker lx. i think they have a 16, 20 and 24. more than a couple of the shop guys have learned to ride over the long iowa winters by just messing around in the shop.

Hey! I’m from Iowa too, Dubuque. Yes, we have availability to torker through a supplier of ours but we dont go through them often and they do not have any aftermarket parts available. UDC sounds pretty good. I would really enjoy having the option of getting a coker or muni or trials cycle on display…I spose i could put mine on display but whatever.

What caught my interest is that someone said they used as a distributer? Does that mean u buy unicycles from them as your manufacturer or what? If that is possible, which i dont know how it is, that would be amazing. Does bedford offer themselves in this way?