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I have been to a few bike shops where they have one unicycle hanging on a rack somewhere. Out of curiousity, how many here have encountered a selection of unicycles in a bike shop?

I vaguely remember shops like Stuyvesant Bicycles (where I got my first Schwinn uni) in New York City having more than one, but since then have not encountered more than one in any given store.

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Quite a few of the bike shops in my area stock unicycles. In fact, that’s where I get most of mine from. I find that their prices are reasonable and I don’t have to pay as high shipping costs when I order stuff through them. They also provide some service for products purchased through them.


yeah, International Bicycle in Charlotte, NC normally keeps 1 20" chrome torker, 1 24" chrome torker, 2 20" stealth torkers, 2 24" stealth torkers, a 5’ savage giraffe and a 6’ savage giraffe in stock.

Chrome and black Torkers are quite common around here. It may be because Seattle Bike Supply and Torker are the same ownership. What surprises me is that I still see lolipop Savages too often too.

Harvy’s Bike Shop has way too many unicycles. Probably over 40 in stock. Most are Torkers and Sun but he’s got a Coker, Giraffes, Pashleys, Yuni Muni, KH Trials, Miyata, and more. You can see some of the uni seats in the shot on his main page. And yes, the shop is as crammed with bikes, unicycles, and supplies as it looks.

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>Out of curiousity, how many here have encountered a
>selection of unicycles in a bike shop?

The bike shop at the train station in Heerlen, Netherlands, has a
selection of unicycles. But yeah, the shop is run by Geert Mestrom, an
avid unicyclist.

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