bike shop idiots destroy bitchin bolts!

go my wheel re built by the local bike shop,

the seem to havedone a decent job of the wheel,
but what they also did was to strip the treads for my bitchin bolts,(you know, the ones that keep the profile cranks on)

well they only stripped the threads off one of them , but they ground about 0.5cm off the other.

it looks like they tried to use them to re-install the cranks.

i asked them if they needed my profile crank tool, and they said they had one!


i just hope they havent ruined my axle.
i’ll be in their shop tomorow insisting that they bloody well do something about it.

before i have to go to germany on th 26th!

can anybody suggest a suitable punishment?

Make them sit on a Savage saddle and swallow a Wellgo pinned pedal.

Dismount a coker into their crotches. . .


actualy the worst part is that i realy need my unicycle to be working before i have to leave the country.

this means that i wont be able to call them all the bastards under the sun, or shove a pair of brooklyn machine works shinburger pedals up the mechanics arse.

however i’ll be recomending that nobody ever goes there to get their bike serviced.

and they’d better offer to replace the bolts asap. and promise to learn how to install profile cranks properly before they even think about servicing somebody elses profiles.

as a new profile owner yet to ride them, and awaiting new cranks, could you please enlighten me on these bitchin bolts?

Aren’t they ‘just the crank bolts’?

maybe they used metric wrenchs on them.

evilewan: it appears you have a bad link for your wheelwalking pic in your sig link

yep sofa, the bitchin bolts are just the crank bolts, its justt that profile have a funky name for them. and yeah i’ve forgot all about that bad link

and jagur, yes in adition to their sins they seem to have used the wrong size allen key too. that cant explain the stripped threads and ground down bolt though.

i’ll get a picture up in a few minutes

stupid me, linking to a local file

heres a picture of the badly treated bolts,

god only knows why they decided to grind the end offthe one on the left. maybe they completley destroyed the threads on the end of it, and decided to fix it by removing the destroyed part.

deleting atatchment (its too big)

here it is , its actually a scan of the bolts.

image quality sucks a bit

I was able to save some threads, after a recommendation from here, by using a triangular file. 4 or 5 swipes with the file saved the threads. It only costs a few bucks

Maybe it’s the scan, but they seem to look quite salvageable

edit: Before I got my digicam, I discovered that scanning 3d objects works better if you lay a white tshirt over them, simulating a ‘closed’ scanner lid

oh. if it was me that destroyed them i’d be all for salvaging, but since it was somebodys fault who should have known better, i’ll be asking them to get me some new ones.

Good idea! As they are ‘Profile’ bolts, I’m sure they are outrageously priced!

I can’t believe a bike shop mechanic could have done that. How could he be so incompetent?

I’d be very worried that the threads in the spindle are damaged. The spindle is softer metal than the super hardened Bitchin bolts. See how well your Profile crank tool can thread into the spindle. Hopefully the crank tool will thread in properly and hold.

i could scarceley beleive it either. its like somebody had never seen a splined axle before, profiles have been around for 20 years! how could you work in a bike shop for even a week with out seeing one?

i tried the crank tool like you suggested, and it seems fine. which is good.

thats certainly the last time that anybody else execpt experienced unicyclists get to touch my unicycles with a spanner.
even if i have to learn how to build my own wheels.

the wheel build seems fine though.
and the bike shop assured me that all their work was garunteed and they’ll replace the bolts. still i’m giong to have a word with the mechanic in person and make him read the little book of instructions that came with th profile hub.

if the bike shop had given me a call and said “err sorry ewan, weve stripped one of the bolts on your unicycle, would you like to come down to the shop to talk about it”
i dont think i would have minded,

but for them to make an arse job of it and then just stick it together an pretend nothing had happened, just makes it look like they think their customers are stupid.

i shall not be recomending them to anybody. unless they realy go out of their way to say make amends, i’ll be going to see them agian tomorow, the boss wasn’t there when i went their yesterday.