Bike saddle on a coker - has anyone tried it?

I’m preparing for the Tour De Cure (150 mile ride) in May. I want to find a seat that does not crush that vein in your crotch. My privates went numb for a few minutes a couple weeks ago on a 43 mile ride. I want to avoid that kind of thing.

I remember seeing a photo of a bike saddle setup on a coker. I think it was Scot Cooper’s. Has anyone had any experience with that kind of setup? I have a bike saddle that would relieve pressure on that vein. I want to know if it is worth getting the rail adapter to try it.


At Moab, a fellow I talked to had bike saddles on both of his Muni’s (24" and 26"). It took a bit of getting used to, but I could see how a bike saddle would be better for those longer rides. He also had the saddles angled up quite a bit.

Yeah,and didnt he have some sort of wire handle?

Check out this site

I think that may be what your talking about.


Yup, the exact one.

He has the wire handles on front and back so his saddles dont get destroyed in UPD’s.

I think a bike seat would need to be pointed upwards some to work. The lack of curvature on a bike seat would be a bit disconcerting to ride on without honding onto the saddle. I’m interested in hearing how it goes.

Scott Cooper is one of the few who have tried a bike seat on the Coker. There’s two photos of Scot’s setup in one of Nathan’s Webshot’s album here.

It’s an unconventional saddle for a unicycle. I can’t say much about it. Scot seems to like it cause he’s stuck with it for the most part. For hill climbing though, I’d think a traditional unicycle saddle would be preferred.

The shape of a unicycle saddle does make a difference in where the pressure points are and whether (or when) things may get numb. If you have a full air saddle with no foam then the seat generally has little shape. That’s not necessarily a good thing. If you put a bit of foam on top of the inner tube you can get a proper shape to the saddle and make it more comfortable. The curvature front to back is important along with the curvature from side to side.