bike island

i just get enough for the kh unicycle and what do u know they bump up the prices to what everyone else has it pisses me off i saved up so long now i need another 200 dollars

You could always buy a nimbus, another awesome unicycle. Or you could by English lessons. Get that with Kris Holm cranks and you’ll have a very solid uni.

sorry about how are the nimbus ii trials, do they hold up good. also can they be used for flatland riding.

he HE’S the one who should by english lessons :wink:

lol. what do u guys think about the nimbus tho is its good

from what i’ve heard it’s basicly a KH, just with bad cranks… and the frame is harder on you’re knees some say… but i guess it’s a great uni… ;D

do you know any cool looking color combinations like frame seat clamp seat?

well i think u can get the nimbus in many colors… i like unicycles that has 2 colors… or at least one color like blue and rest of it black/or metal color dont know what it’s called… Raw or something… well anyway just go with what u like

i am not sure if this would look stupid but i was thinkin blue frame and yellow accents

I guess I could do with some as well :stuck_out_tongue:

My main point was that I had to read his sentence 3 times to understand what he was saying. He could at least make some effort to make what he types readable.

It’s all your opinion, do what you think would look good.

i could of used commas to help lol

if i could get an all black one with white post and pedals that would look sick but unfortunatly they dont have black

Send them an email asking if there will be a restock of the black phantom (a black Nimbus). They are always getting shipments and running out of them, so just send them an email and see if there is a chance of a black nimbus ISIS trials returning soon.

sweet dude. by the way how much is it?

It’s just a powder coated Nimbus ISIS Trials, so it would be $290+shipping. The cranks that come with it aren’t that good so you would probably want to upgrade to Kris Holm Moments which would make its $340+shipping.

Yeah, Bike Island had the deals, got a couple there myself. But I understand that someone had to put the heat on BI, they were undercutting everyone. I cant’ see how they made much on their sales, they were only $20-30 over cost, so when you factor in shipping…

Don’t give up so quickly on the cheap KH deal

The same thing happened about 18 months ago with AE Bike. An A E Bike spokesperson posted here and said he was threatened by KH with a cut off if he advertised a low price. However, if you email A E Bike they will give you a much lower quote then they list on their site.

Last I heard A E B was selling KH 20’s for about 415 + 8 $ shipping.

So email BI and ask. If they won’t give you a better deal, email A E Bike. One of the QBP shops should set you up for less then 400$ I bet. Both A E B and BI were getting their Uni’s through QBP. It may even be worth asking your LBS if they can make a deal. It never hurts to ask your LBS if he can order at wholesale cost through QBP (most can). Remember, this is cheap profit for the LBS. They don’t want to pay up front and store a uni on the floor for a year. But if all they have to do is get the box on UPS and you buy it the same day, they may be happy with a quick 20 $ for so little work.

Always ask around, google and email before paying retail !

During the current economic climate, I don’t see why a dealer would want to hold onto a stock of 07 unis. Much better to sell off at a small profit now then to risk owning them a long time and off loading much cheaper later.