Bike fork/shock?

I dont know if this has been done, but what would be the problems of building a muni out of a nice bike fork with a shock? except that it would be expensive. I just want to know what the problems/requirements with this yould be before I rush into it.

You would have to weld bearing holders to each fork. But to engage the shocks you would have to push the seat down with your croch. So there isn’t much of a point besides that it would look sweet.

Read through this thread: MUni Features?
Page 2 starts talking about suspension frames

Durability aside, Daniel Hopkins’ original suspension fork MUni was a sweet, sweet ride. Like driving a Cadillac down the trail or something, with it’s gushy suspension and gel/air/whatever seat. I wouldn’t mind taking a ride on another one sometime…

Also, though suspension posts have their drawbacks, some designs can work well. The Thudbuster:
has only the drawback of the height of the thing, limiting the riders who can fit one. I’m not aware of them falling apart under the rigors of MUni.

The $25 Pyramid:
lasted me a whole year before wearing out, and that was only after Steve Dressler “learned to ride stairs” with it. It was his first experience with a proper MUni and I think he put a lot of wear & tear on. The main drawback of this post is the length. It was a tad too long for me, and I’m 6’ tall. But for $25 it’s well worth experimenting with, long as you’re tall enough.

The Rock Shox post:
is probably more of a risk due to the higher price. It will probably last longer than the Pyramid, but I think it’s the same length, meaning it has the same rider-height problem.

These posts cannot be cut down, because the suspension mechanism runs the length of the inside. On the Pyramid, the pre-load adjustment is a threaded screw in the bottom of the post. I cut part of this off, taking away some of the seats cushiness in exchange for a little bit lower seat.

Suspension is best for cruising on long, bumpy trails. It’s not useful for Trials or really technical riding, only for when you’re seated and cruising. It would probably also be nice for road riders as well.