Bike Fest June 4/06 unicycles featured

Burnaby Village Museum in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, will be hosting the Different Spokes Festival on Sunday, June 4, 2006. A unicycle speed trials race, unicycle criterium, demonstrations, hockey and lessons will be part of the day’s proceedings; as will a rainbow of human-powered locomotion such as track, BMX, road, mountain, trials, recumbent, bike art, trikes and multi-passenger bikes. Vancouver’s own Kris Holm, world-renowned unicyclist, has been recruited as a consultant and will be able to provide expert guidance as we construct our trials course and prepare to hold a world-class unicycling experience.
Let me know who is thinking on stepping over to BC this summer and wants to be a part of this event, as a spectator, competitor, volunteer or well-wisher.
Greg Robinson
Vancouver Canada

Wow Greg, that sounds great. I can’t wait… if anyone is thinking of coming to Vancouver for the event and would like to get in some additional rides (North Shore or something) on a different day feel free to send something to the mailing list found via