bike euro cranks

are these suckers fairly tough? I heard dan heaton used em in UNIVERsE so they must be… So far i’ve been using united 127mm cranks and can land 4 footers and only twist them a bit but can gap sometimes and twist them :frowning: trials)

just wanted the public’s opinion

The 125 BEs are strong but too short. They should hold up for about 3-4 foot drops seat in front. Good for freestyle, and trials without lots of drops.


I’ve had the 125mm for ~2 months. While I’ve not tested them too strenously, too much cold and ice and snow and work to do blah blah blah (I’d pratice 8 hours a day if I could), they have held up well through 3 foot drops, grinds, crank grabs/stalls. My one complaint is that they don’t flair out at all so I often hit my ankles on them. Checkernutz recommended them to me. Perhaps he will comment…

I sure will coment on these things…

I would agree with what everyone else has said so far. I have been riding on them now for a few months I have been putting them through alot of abuse but nothing over 3.5 feet. I dont have the money to twist my hub or to bend some cranks. These things can take some abuse and do their job well. They are a bit to short for my trials preference. A wider stance is key for gapping and getting leverage on rocks. With 125 cranks you dont really have this all the time. It doesnt mean you cant do almost all the things you can with 140’s its just not the easiest way to do it.

If you already ride with 127’s you shouldnt even notice a difference between the 2… And if you want to know if they hold up My vote is that they do. I have had absolutly no problems with these cranks except I cant seem to keep the plastic dust caps on. I ended up breaking mine after about a month and just havent delt with them since.


very nice


Thanx for the reminder; my cap is in the shirt-pocket of yesterdays wordrobe- would have otherwise gone through the wash -and we can’t have that, can we?


Bicycle euros are a really good buy for the price (especially if you live in the UK). They will stand up to pretty much all your freestyle abuse and a fair bit of trials abuse as well.

I have bent a pair badly doing 3ft drops

Foot placement can drasticly effect your chances of bending cranks, closer into the axle means less torque and less chance of breaing stuff.

Be warned that although Bicycle Euros are good they won’t stand up to extreme trials stuff or even moderate trials if you are a largish person like myself.