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I went to walmart and got a bell bike computer. They had the schwinn one there but I decided to get the bell because it has more functions. So I go to set the wheel diameter right. It only goes up to 5 on the mm wheel setting thingy. I know the coker is 9144 but it only goes up to 5. So how am I supposed to set it? Will I have to go get the schwinn? Am I calculating wrong?




I’m not familiar with the Bell computer, but does it really take the wheel size input in diameter? Most use circumference. Next question is how did you arrive at 9144mm? It is hard to do a proper roll out on a uni, but most folks that use a computer on a coker have come up with settings somewhere between 2750 and 2900 if i remember correctly. I think that i’m using 2790mm on my Cateye Enduro on the Coker right now. There have been several threads about computer settings for the coker on the forum here, a search might find some of them…good luck, and have fun with the Coker!




I got a little too hasty and just multiplied 36" times 25.4 mm. Thats where I got 9144. I then proceeded to actually read the manual. It says to take your wheel size in mm and multiply it by pi I think. So I did that and it turned out to be 2574. Aaaah much better. Someday I will do a roll-out to get a super acurate reading though.


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>it turned out to be 2574. Aaaah much better. Someday I will do
>a roll-out to get a super acurate reading though.

A few months ago I promised to integrate all available Coker rollout
data into a model. I’ve been working on it over the last few days
(Christmas Holiday = more time). I will put it online when ready but
just now the 2003 stats project will take priority so it’ll take a few
more weeks.

If you PM or e-mail me with your rider weight, tyre pressure and
estimated tread wear percentage, I will calculate your current ‘best’
rollout. When I finish the rollout project (I have yet to incorporate
two improvements in the calculation), the rollout result may be
slightly different though.

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