Bike Computer for 36" Unicycle

I have a KH 36" with T-Bar and I’ve been considering getting a cycle computer for it. I don’t know much about cycle computers or using it with a unicycle. I’ve been doing some research and looking at the Garmin Edge 130 Plus and that looks like it might be suitable. I noticed it has a speed sensor that goes on the hub and I’m just looking for a way to mount it to my handle bars.

Does anyone have any advice for me on what I should look for or how to best mount it? Since these are primarily designed to be used on bikes. Anyone using the 130 for unicycling?

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I have an Edge 130. It’s pretty good for unicycling as it’s a bit smaller than some other computers.

The speed sensor is optional. Personally I’ve never bothered with it and just use GPS.

They pretty much all have the same sort of mount. It’s held on with a couple of o-rings and would easily attach to your t-bar. This isn’t the best picture but you get the idea:

FWIW I use a GPS watch instead of a cycling computer these days. I don’t need to worry about moving it between bikes/unis and I can use it for running too.

That’s very helpful thanks lightbulbjim, I’m thinking I’d like to mount mine right on the T as where you have yours at the moment is where my bell sits. I guess I could move the bell but I’ve gotten used to where it is. Is the setup pretty simple for a unicycle or is there some specific things I need to be aware of?

Personally I really want a speed sensor as having a speedo on my uni would be handy. So far the only thing bothering me about my bike computer research is it seems the industry hasn’t yet made the migration to USB-C. The only one I could find is the Omata One but not a fan of that unit maybe I’ll just have to deal with using micro USB for it.

You still get a speed readout via GPS without the speed sensor. The speed sensor is just a bit more reliable and works indoors.

If your t-bar angles up then you might be able to mount it a bit further forward like this:

I have a Wahoo Elemnt Mini which I’ve had sitting in a drawer for over a year. If you lived nearby then you could have it for free :smiley:.

I use the 130 on my 29 and 36. Mounting on the tbar is easy. As a speed display I found it too erratic, almost unusable. Adding the speed sensor solved that. I also use the cadence sensor tied to my shoe. I dont want or need any mapping or navigation functions but wouldnt bother with them on such a small screen. Downside to the 130 is small numbers can be hard to read but I’m not yet willing to take my glasses riding. It has survived many UPDs but dropping on the floor at home cracked the screen, still works but not repairable. Sync to Strava works ok, battery life not great so I always charge after each ride.

I have Samsung Active 2 smart watch, with Strava on it. Previously I used my Fitbit charge 3 to record, but it doesn’t have inbuilt GPS so I had to make sure I had my phone with me.

The Fitbit can have 2 weeks battery life if you put it on “sleep” mode (which just makes the screen dim as far as I can tell), but the Samsung Active 2 watch I charge every night.

I mounted a Sigma Rox5 on my wrist brace glove using a strip of velcro around the big strap. The GPS models are a little larger but I think the same would be possible.

Does it not work as well attached to the cranks? or more a convenience factor so you can switch uni’s easy?

Are watches functionally the same as bike computers just on your wrist instead?

Never used on cranks as I wanted to use on all unicycles and bikes. I suspect it would get knocked off easily.

I’ve never had a bike computer but I like my smart watch. You can have GPS and map everything with strava, apps to tell you when to turn, answer phone calls on it, check your heart rate, see how long you’ve been riding and much more. You can also see your current speed at any point in time too.

Also you’ll always remember to bring it with you no matter which uni you ride…

More expensive solution: Smartphone and Strava (or other GPS-based fitness app). My wife uses Strava with her Samsung Gear watch, and it works well for her. She’s trying to work on her cadence now, and we’ve just bought a standalone Cadence sensor, which we haven’t set up yet. It should talk to Strava, but she needs to see the number while she’s riding, so we might get a small device to display that, or she can mount her phone on her recumbent.

I use Strava with my Apple Watch. While I carry my phone with me anyway, recording the ride on my watch makes it easy for me to look at how fast I’m going, etc. This is quite useful for me. Then the app keept track of all the riding details, including totaling up all your miles/kms and other statistical data if you’re interested in that.

I don’t believe the Strava app will connect to sensors, has not for a while. The data is supported but you need another device to record the trip, like a GPS. Does the Gear connect to a cadence sensor?

Sensor support is returning apparently:

Strava replaced some of their upper management recently and seem to be a on a feature drive now.

Didn’t know it phased out! I had a Wahoo heart monitor for a while, and it worked sooooo bad with Strava that I ended up throwing it away! It kept disconnecting and was super annoying. Wish I had known, I would have stored it until it came back, hopefully with better support!

Bruce is right. I’m reading the product package and forgetting what I read the other day on the Strava site. They have apparently given up trying to be compatible with a myriad of third party devices because it was causing problems for a small percentage of users. :frowning: So looks like it will be about mounting her phone on the bike. Not crazy about subjecting a smartphone to all the vibrations the bike’s frame will experience…

I use a Meilan mini gps. Wireless usb rechargeable .bought on amazon $25. Small fits my T bar set up and takes very little space. Nice easy to read display. bracket mounts with 2 zip ties, the unit easily clips in and out of bracket. Records speed, distance elevation, max speed, average speed, time riding and keeps track accumulated mileage. Simple and accurate. Perfect for unicycling.

I currently use strava on my smartphone but I want something that will display the speed in real time. Strava will only do so if you’re subscribed not to mention my phone is a little too large to mount on the uni frame and potential UPD’s may not be good for it. I also can’t really spare the battery to use my phone as a speedo.

I’m leaning towards a 130plus at the moment still doing some more research before I pull the pin. Not sure if I want a watch yet. Anyone used both a watch and bike PC?

In addition to my Meilan mini gps comment. I looked long and hard before buying this. Before hand I was using my phone mounted on my and map my ride. A bit over kill for me. I wanted essentially a speedometer to tell me how fast and how far I’m going. I have it positioned where I can glance while I’m riding to give me that info on demand with out pushing buttons or swiping a screen.

Picked up a Garmin 130 Plus and a Cadence & Speed Sensor. So far it’s working as well as my phone using strava but the real time speed is still off. I’ve played around with the sensor and set the wheel circumference to 2890mm which I came to by rolling my wheel next to a tape measure. However it still reports my speed at around 10-12 k/hr and I know I’m going at least 15-16 k/hr.

I’m using a Niterider 36" tyre what did everyone else set their wheel size to?

Try it without the speed sensor. You might be surprised how well it works.