biggist tyre for Torker DX 20"?

what is the biggist tyre that will fit in the torker Dx 20" frame using the stock rim?

i know that the onza sticky fingers 2.4" will fit on the rim but will it fit in the frame?

and how strong are the stock hub and cranks? will i be able to do 3 and 4 foot drops without risk of failure?


The DX frame can take a pretty thick tire, I’ve heard of someone fitting a Gazz into the 24" DX frame, thats a 3" tire! And as for drops, it depends on your skill, and your weight, I’ve taken my dx off of six foot drops to flat. But i’m generaly pretty smooth about it, and only weight 150. But I wouldn’t worry about the hub to much, just that weak single walled rim.

wow, im glad to hear about the 6 ft. drops, ive been debating weather or not to jump of the back of my brother’s car.

check oyur PMs leeman!:smiley: :smiley:

Re: biggist tyre for Torker DX 20"?

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