Biggest tyre to fit a 24" Nimbus frame?

A friend of mine (not naming any names but his name starts with B and ends with ruce) would like to put a big tyre on his 24" Nimbus frame unicycle.

What’s the biggest size that will fit? Would a Gazz Junior fit? Any other tyre suggestions welcome – include width and brand name, too if poss.


Is it a flat top or round top Nimbus?

My flat top 24" fits a 3" Halo Contra (slighty smaller than the 3" Gazz)

Your best bet is probably to ring Roger at

No need for that I will just reply here…

2.6" tyres that I know fit is the gaz (never my favourate as a 2.6 and the halo ception which is really nice. Would certainly be my choice. But it is a ok branded tyres, not sure what it’s real name is.


i have a 3 inch gazz in my 24inch nimbus 2 frame and it fits fine,
my’n has been trough a realy lot of stress and it still hasnt devolept any rub at all.
i know at least one other person who has the same set up and it works fine for him also.


I meant the rounded crown Nimbus frame.

Thanks, Roger.

Not sure what you mean here.

I meant UK branded not ok sorry bad typeing