Biggest tire on a torker

I’ve got a 20 inch Toker LX, can anyone tell me what the is the biggest tire (make and model please) I can fit in it?

Thanks in advance

I have a 24" :frowning: but I was able to fit a 24"x2.5" maxxis hookworm

uh i could fit a 2.125 on there thats all but there was still a little bit of room left.:slight_smile:

I have a brand new torker lx 20", and I have a 2.25 maxxis maxx daddy on it right now. It’s a great tire w/ lots of tread that rolls quite fast. I think many 2.5 tires would fit the frame, however, this is the widest I’ve tried, and possibly the only tire I’ll put on it as I mostly MUni. I really liked these tires for riding street on my bmx, but like the CC, it has paper thin sidewalls that can tear w/ lots of grinding, and fold on hard landings. I really liked the tall profile, because I could run the pressure low w/o hitting the rim. Hope this helps!
Also, when choosing a tire for one of my unis, my LBS let me try the tire I wanted on my rim to see if it would clear the frame (on the condition I would purchase it if I damaged it).

I think that 2.5 tires would fit as well. Also, if you’re looking for another tire, the 20" and 24" torkers have the same forks so you could fit a 24" tire if you wanted (for muniing mainly)

“the 20” and 24" torkers have the same forks so you could fit a 24" tire"

Hmmm…on my 20" Torker LX, it has the Kenda 20x2.125" tire that came with it. There is about 1/4" of room on each side of the tire and on top of the tire, between the tire and the frame. So yeah, you might could put a bit bigger tire in there, but not a 24".

um… yeah… completely different frame. that and it would also require a different WHEEL. StephenH is right, and the new 20" has a entirely different frame than the larger ones w/ a wider crown, and reinforced seat tube.

That’s the widest knoby that will fit the 20" LX

A 2.6" Kenda kinetics will fit on the 24" LX. I don’t know if any wider tires will fit though (not all tires that are labeled the same size, actually are. ie. a 2.6" Nokian Gazoladi is significantly larger than the Kenda and may be too tall or wide for the frame).

Here’s the link to that old torker thread.

Btw, Terry, yes that is the original LX rim. Haha :slight_smile: Sorry for the delayed response.

generally speaking, a 2.5" is the largest tire that’ll fit on a Torker 24" LX?