biggest set treyflipped down.

hey whats the biggest stairset anybody has ever treyflipped down? luke (president_luke) did a 5-set today. what have like xavier and shaun and stuff done?

I’m sure there was a thread about this a couple of months ago.
Maybe use the search function and you mind find the answers you’re looking for.


That’s awesome! Big ups to Luke.

As for your question all I know is Xav broke his ankle or whatever doing a 5-set so that doesn’t count. I guess the only other real candidates are Shaun and Alex…

Oh yeah, well done mate, that’s an achievement and a half!!!

Myself a 4 set about a year and a half ago, haha, haven’t done it since.
Xavier 5 set about 4 months ago.
Alex I believe is a 3 or 4.

-Shaun Johanneson


I saw Xavier landing one down a 2 blocks set. 50 cm each.
Normal steps replaced the blocks, close to the spot and each block was composed by 3 steps.
Although the lenght he had to jump was not exactly the same as normal sets, the steps were pretty wide and it is clear that he treyflipped a 6 set.

I would add that i never saw him doing it on flat. But it is not the point of the thread.