Biggest Scrape EVER!!!!

So last night my friend Joel and I went out riding. We were pedal/crank grabbing this square flower box and I jumped but missed the ledge and as I was coming down my leg scraped along the box:( . Here are some pics I took this morning.
I wish I would have taken them last night, it looked even worse then.
Edit: It was concrete too.

Sry for stretched screen

I think that’s a graze. And not a very pleasant one.

Get better.

A bet that burns :astonished:

Are there two guys in their boxers in the first pic?

No, The other one should be one of my sisters in their pajamas, I’m wearing some basketball shorts.

lol k, just checking.

have you taken your first post-scrape shower yet? :slight_smile:

Yes, after I took the pictures. It didn’t hurt to bad but I didn’t keep the water temperature that high.

If you rub salt and vinegar in it it will feel better.

please dont do this

Ouch! :astonished:

I’m not that stupid lol.:smiley:

That reminds me of the time I cut my lip. I was sitting in lunch, and my friend says “One time I cut my lip. My dad is a doctor, and he told me to put salt on it. IT really helped, you try it.”

Well I put some salt on it, and it hurt like hell! Never put salt on something like that, I was in pain for like 45 minutes.

you should try vinegar in scrapes. it hurts for hours.

or battery acid

shoot the wound that would prolly hurt alot