Biggest gap?

I’ve done a search and nothing really came up, I’m curious to know whats the biggest gap (flat - tyre to tyre) that people can do?

i think its like 7 foot something, ive only done 6’5 though from a pallet to a pallet


You didn’t really say it had to be from an object to another object, and you can gap with a rolling hop so: Jacinto had done an 8 foot gap, but I think recently some guy in Germany (?) did an 8’1" gap.

Actually, flat gap implies static, from what I understand.

My gap distance sucks-around 5’6"

Better than mine, I can only do about 4’5". If that.

Doesn’t flat gap just mean the two objects are equal height? Because if the second one is lower, than it would be easier to get to. I don’t think that means static. It may imply it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it.

4’ here

I think a flat gap implies both. It definitely means no height difference, but I also think it means static. This issue could easily be resolved if the person who made this trhead would answer, though.

If the definition allowed for height difference, my gap distance would increase drastically. I think that the farthest I’ve ever gapped was 84" aka 7’ (with an 18" height difference). I landed it multiple times (all seat in). I worked my way up from 70". Also, by the time I was doing over 78", it was insanely intimidating, and the only reason I did it was cuz each time I said “it’s only 1 more inch”. On the last gap of that size I noticed a ton of flex in my KH seat, and I looked at the bottom and the bolts had almost completely ripped through the base.

Having done a 7’ gap with height difference, unless the gap record is rolling, I have a hard time believing someone did an 8’ flat gap. Also, at Moab, with height difference, and no landing rules, in a competition between Kris Holm, Ryan Atkins, Carl Thompson, etc., the biggest gap was a tie between Kris and Carl for 7’11" or something, with a vertical difference. I think then that the record flat static gap should be around 7’ or so.

people have done over 8 foot flat gaps with rolling hops

Re: Biggest gap?

On Sat, 30 Oct 2004 23:30:59 -0500, “gerblefranklin” wrote:

>I think a flat gap implies both. It definitely means no height
>difference, but I also think it means static. This issue could easily be
>resolved if the person who made this trhead would answer, though.

I don’t think so. Aaron is the obvious person to clarify what exactly
he wants to know. But ‘gap’ is OUR term, not only Aaron’s term.

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at “'Einrad-köste-neumünster” (a big unicycle event in Germany) I did a 8,1’ gap (2.48 metres ) in the long jump competiton.
We used the IUF-rulebook for this competion (2 tries at each length, you have to jump over 2 bars without touching one of them, difference between the bars is the length).
Several people (for example Lars Lottrup from Denmark, Paul Mattheß from Germany and David Weichenberger from Austria,) can proof that.

That was really phat. I did not know that I can jump that long before this event.



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pretty good going! What kind of gap are the canadians/americans doing at most?..kris? Dan?Jeff etc???

Yeah, I’d say that is what a flat gap is, but he said something else:

This pretty much implies just on flat ground, if ‘flat gap’ was meant then you have to say it. It’s like saying can you walk, with the wheel? People would just walk along with their unicycle, put the words together and it actually becomes a skill.

lol, I didn’t mean specifically rolling or static however I would like to know static. I didn’t mean on the ground either really, although theoretically it would make no difference,

I was just thinking static tyre to tyre hop either 20ft off the ground or just on concrete on the ground…eithers good

Everyone sorted now? :slight_smile:

when I said tyre to tyre I meant no peddle/crank grabs

Wow, excellent! But I would argue that this was not a gap. The event name is Long Jump, and it’s done on flat ground. Not very scary if you come up short.

To me, a gap means jumping over a lower piece of ground, with the requirement of making it to the edge on the other side. This is harder, as you can’t necessarily afford to come up short.

But there is no official definition of what a gap is, in terms of records and/or competitions. We have long jump and high jump, but we don’t (yet) have anything with gaps or grabs.