Biggest drop

Two purposes to this thread:
What is the biggest drop you have landed and/or tried on your unicycle, and does anyone know the current world record for biggest drop?

Biggest I have landed is 12 foot vertical and biggest I have tried is about 13 foot vertical…soon to be a lot bigger.

Thanks guys:)

My policy is not to do drops any higher than twice my age in inches! But policies (not bones hopefully!) are meant to broken! :sunglasses:

My biggest drop was about 5 feet :frowning:

ive tried 8.5ft but only landed 7.5ft so far.Just gotta work on technique and i havent been able to do it seat in cause my seatposts about to break lol

Didint Kris do something like 17ft? Yet he did not like to brag about it.

:astonished: :thinking:

Who is this?

Does my pathetic 12 inches count?

I screwed up my back dropping off a picnic table (landed it twice, but not the 3rd time) and have been somewhat gunshy about big drops since.

It was 3 weeks of no drops/no hops to get it to heal. . .

my biggest was this year in moab not to big only like 7 feet but here is a pic:

Edit: Doesn’t look 7ft but im 6ft and it was about a foot over my head

Hmm, you might want to rephrase that lol! :stuck_out_tongue:
My biggest drop is somewhere in the 7-8 foot range, and close to 8 feet in horizontal airtime doing an 8 set.

Mine is about 6 ft.

Mine is,

About four feet, but I don’t want to go any more because I might break my Unicycle.

Haha the more I looked at your pic, the more it reminded me of a drop I did sometime ago. Although it looks similar in height, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as high as you said yours was. :smiley:


hahahaha so your limits increase as your age does? :slight_smile:

only 5.5 feet for me

Hehe! Yeah, that ain’t right! :stuck_out_tongue: Honestly though, I love doing big drops, but I think I’ve pretty much maxed out, height-wise. :o I guess a smart guy knows his limits. (I just don’t know if I’ve become that smart yet, haha! :slight_smile: )

I am very reluctant to do anything over four feet because I badly sprained my ankle when I tried to jump a 7-stair (it was about 5-feet vertical, steep stairs. Poor technique). Anyways, I now have a bad ankle because of it, and larger drops just don’t feel very pleasant at all on that ankle. :frowning:

What is so great about big drops? I guess it gives you bragging rights. At my age and with fragile bones, I am content with my 12". :wink:

Speaking for myself, it’s just a great rush and time almost seems to stand still for the [relatively] short air-time on the way down! And even if I’ve done the same drop before, I still get butterflies-similar to the way I used to feel just before going out on stage to do my act! It may just be your body and mind’s way of preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best!

It’s just a huge adrenaline rush for me and makes me feel so alive! And of course it feels great when you land it and ride away. But it’s also only one of the many aspects of MUni, and I love it all! Doing wide gaps, both rolling and static, are great fun as well, especially when there’s a deep trench between gap points! That really ups the thrill level! I’ve been looking at gapping from one roof to the other! :smiley:

trials: 8 or 9 feet

muni: sittin around 11-12, to tranny. I do love my muni.

I know kris hit a 14 footer here in the northshore in New World Disorder (i think)

on another note, my muni is on the way so im gunna come find you and were hittin a muni sesh.


i’ve done around 10 feet to hard surface … estimated 15 foot to sand messed up my ankle… i’ve also jumped off the top of a sand dune (placed boards across the top so i could ride on it) and got at least 15 feet … but i don’t think it counts… landing on a sandy slope and sliding down… i did “land” that drop tho.