Biggest drop competion

alrite so im not sure if there has been a thread for one of these yet, but im sure there has been, so here is a new one,

So basically, Do a drop, measurre it in ft and inches and it has to be video taped and posted on here, and you have to measure it on tape to.

You can just hop off of it or do a rolling hop, but none of those drops where your crank is on the ledge and u hop off,

I dont know how to make those trophy things but ill figure out soon and you can post that in your sig. Unless some one wants to make one for it,

Im prety sure the world record is 10 ft so it would be cool if some one could get that,

The competion ends July 1.

I plan on being in this competion if i get my new uni soon, but not now tho, cus i have a torker lx and ive alredy done a 4ft drop on that and bent the cranks and nowit makes a popping noise everytime i pedal :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure the world record is bigger than 3m, if their is an official record.

Good luck to everyone who wants to put their bodies and unicycles on the line to win.

this would be a intresting comp. I am scared of jumping off a picnic table :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in. I’ll get my drops higher. It shouldnt be that hard to do a big drop, i just have to wear my bicycling shorts.

I might be in if I get a reliable uni any time soon.
The record is a lot higher than 10. I’ve done ten. I think the record is Kris with 17.

I did a 5ft drop and it hurt… a lot. So I might be in, if i have the guts to try jumping off something so big.

Although you didn’t mention it, I’m assuming you also need to land it and ride away.

Ok I’m in, but since getting accurate measurements on the trail is almost impossible, instead I’ll stack pallets in my backyard so I can get an accurate measurement. I will use a small wood ramp to land on; otherwise it would be landing to flat, and for big drops that’s just way to hard on you and your uni, plus it makes it way hard to roll out.

It’s a pretty low ramp I made specifically for this purpose, to give a little downward slope to the drop for easier roll out.I will mark where I land on the ramp, and then deduct the amount of inches necessary, which will likely be in the 2"-4" range.

Here’s some old footage of me doing about a 5 footer on my MUni, followed by a pretty big coker drop. I won’t do anything higher on my 36er 'cause I don’t want to taco taco the rim, lol!

Edit: I probably won’t win the highest drop-comp on 24" or less, but I may win for the highest landed coker drop filmed.:smiley: If necessary I’ll do it again and measure it on camera. (and maybe add another pallet as well! :sunglasses: )

I’m going to try to land a measured 7 foot drop my 24"!

Was this measured? Drops can seem a lot higher than they actually are. I’ve ridden a 10 foot tall unicycle and I can’t really imagine anyone doing a drop any bigger than that on their unicycle, without the wheel collapsing entirely.

Does it have to flat or can it be to a slope?

Doing a big drop to flat is not recommended! It is very hard on the rider and the uni.

KH says NEVER drop to flat, and I agree, although I’ve done 7’ to flat and regretted it, lol! So yes, do it to a sloped landing area. I built a small ramp for this purpose when doing big drops off pallets.

It’s only about 4" at the highest point, but that’s enough for a good roll out. I just measure the drop straight down, and then deduct 2"-4" depending where I land it on the ramp.

Yea I know thats why I was asking. Im not even up for this. The bigest I have done is only about 7ft, thats surely not enough to win. Im not a fan of drops and niether is my rim now. Im not doing anything big untill I get my new rim, I want it to last abit longer.

“7 ft is surely” not enough to win" :stuck_out_tongue: :roll_eyes: :smiley: Lol! Serioulsly, do it! I want to see you do 7’ and land it on film! Or beat my coker drop.:smiley: But please don’t make it seem like dropping seven feet-and landing it- is no big deal! That’s a damn good sized drop!

Here you go, at 2:28 Im not saying 7ft is small, Im just saying I know alot can do bigger. I cant be bothered, I dont think its worth the risk. Its easy to bust your ankle and can put you out for weeks. Not worth it for me, I do way to much to go and hurt my ankle like that.

Maybe there are those who have done 15’ drops or some crazy height, but howabout we do it this way; Must be new footage taped since this thread, and you must land it and ride away.

Must be measured on film. Should be done on pallets or something that can measured as accurately as possible. Can be done on any size uni. Can be static or rolling.

So get it on tape, measure it, and do it since this post and and before the deadline. Fair? :smiley: PS: Obviously my earlier youtube link is older footage and not valid for this comp., nor would I want it to be. Plus I need to up it another two feet, lol!

That link isn’t working for me.:frowning: Btw, what do you consider “a lot” bigger? 9’, 12’, 15’? Just curious as to what you think you could successfully land. I’ll bet I could get the prize for the highest 36er drop landed! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Edit: Since you and probably a lot more young riders seem to think a 7 foot drop is not a big deal, maybe I should just make a “highest drop” thread for those over 50! (I’d probably drop that down to 40+ just to get at least a few participants…but even then maybe not lol!) Do ya think doing a 7’ drop would be a bit more of a big deal for us geezers?

Ok I saw it, but did you measure it? It sure didn’t look like 7’ though. Maybe 6 at most, or even 5 1/2’. Like many say, drops seem a lot higher than they are, then when you actually measure them, you find that they are a lot lower than you thought. How tall are you?
Nice drop though.

If I had a new rim id be in on this easily. But im sure a few more 8 footers and my rim would die, cause its already pretty bad.

Reading through here kinda makes me laugh a lot. In my experience, wrecking off big drops have never hurt me. Actually, compared to the wrecks I have done while doing street or trials, wrecks off big drops are nothing but a funny bounce and a big adrenaline rush.

Haha yeah, I agree it’s a big rush! I used to get ankle inversion sprains every once in a while doing big drops, but since getting my five ten high impact shoes, (like a year ago or so) and probably better technique, I don’t worry too much about the bigger drops.:smiley: