Bigger wheel (for best price?)

I want a unicycle that can get me places, but for relatively cheap. The 28" Sun is ~$120, and a 36" Coker/Radial is ~$350. I want to go fast. Is the extra speed traveled/distance covered on a Coker worth the extra ~$230? Would I be better off getting a 28" with a seat upgrade and smaller cranks?

I probably won’t ever be commuting more than 10 miles, and I’ll be moving away to college in a year or so. I’m thinking that I want something that is versatile, and I know that the versatility of a Coker has been debated both ways, so I’m interested to see what kind of replies this gets.

Any thoughts on a 29er?


A 29" with some small cranks should see you do 10 miles in under an hour, and it will fit in your college dorm so much better than a 36". It sounds like you have the perfect case for wanting a 29" over a 36": on a budget, not going to be doing more than 10 miles, needs to be versatile. Just make sure you get a decent saddle, I think this is more important for long distance than anywhere else.

a 29er rim is the same size as a 28"er, but with a larger innertube & tire, correct?



Go Nimbus 29er all the way. If you don’t rest, and keep pushing all the way you can make it in less than 1 hour easy. The Nimbus 29er is 229 from UDC plus very roughly $30 shipping. It’s the greatest, and there are no upgrades needed - except maybe a rim later on if you are constantly dropping curbs. Pick Nimbus - It’ll pick you up! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for that recommendation, but if I could save $100 by getting a 28" Sun and then maybe putting on a 29er tube & tire, I’d rather do that. I know that the Nimbus is a more reputable brand, but I’m not going to be doing any MUni or offroading other than through grass or, as you said, rolling down curbs.

How well does the Sun hold up to normal use? Can I expect at least a year or two of use out of it?

I remember someone on this forum said that they rode a 28" Sun and found no reason to upgrade (other than the seat, I’d imagine). I’d like to hear from you, whoever you are.

I have a 28 and a Coker. I have done big miles on and off road on each. The 28 gets chosen more often than the Coker. It is more versatile, more portable, and safer in crowds or traffic. But the Coker is… a Coker.:slight_smile:

If you can only afford one of the two, then I’d say get the 28/29. More upgrades are available - bigger choice of tyre, tube and rim. It is slower, but not enormously so.

Did you just make up that moto for nimbus or what? You should show that to them! It could just be there new catch frase!!!

He took it from that Enterprise Rent a Car thing… their phrase is “Pick Enterprise, We’ll Pick you up!”

I’ve been contemplating the same thing.
I want a coker, but i can’t really afford one at this point, and the Nimbus looks pretty danged good to me… according to tyler it’s really good…

Has anyone here ever rode a 28" Sun?
Would a 28" Sun with a 29" tube and a, lets say, Big Apple tire, be comparable (both in cost and durability) to a 29" Nimbus? The frames seem identical.

the sun 28 is not bad with 125’s. you’ll need a new saddle and the seat post is crap as well. the seat post twists because you can’t get the clamp tight enough, and if you tighten it too much it dents the post. it’s rather difficult to replace the post clamp with a better one because it’s welded on. a big apple tire won’t fit, the crown is too narrow and the rim is pretty skinny. dogbowl is the only person i know of that managed to put a 29er on the sun28, but he had to hack the tire up a bit and the unicycle would later betray him.

That would be Skippii, he loves his sun uni.

Are you sure you won’t want to do any offroad with it though? I found myself using my 29er for offroad situations a lot, and it is a lot of fun taking the 29er down steep grassy hills. I have the Yuni 29er and highly recommend that, it is what I have been using on my college campus.

Well there isn’t much “off roading” here in Florida, unless you have a four-wheeler and/or a friend with a big truck that can get through the sugar sand and mud. The closest to off roading that I will be doing on my unicycle will be riding down a gravel road and through some small puddles.

Thanks for that post, boo radley, that’s what I needed to hear to change my mind :smiley:

If anyone has any experience with the Nimbus (Tyler?) 29er, speak up!

Thanks everyone.

i have them both… i love the coker much much more… but for your sake… get the sun, its alot cheaper and with some 89-110 mm cranks on there 10+ miles should be easy and you could change the seat…


I have a nimbus 29er and it’s fantastic. Could easily do gravel road and a bit of grass riding too on the Big Apple tyre. It’s light and manouverable and fast. I will only get a coker because eventually I want to go on a Uni tour. I reckon the 29er would only not be so good for riding the really long distances.