bigger tire

i want a bigger tire, its like 20 by 2.7 or something but the only place i saw it was on on the germany section. how would i get one of these

well if you dont have teh extra widness of the tryall rim then i wouldnt recomend the that tire nayways…which rim do you have…iv you have a dx 32 the you could get a 20x2.5 ut the 2.7 may fold a bit even on that rim.

well the thing is, i have a lot of money ive been saving up to buy the best uni i can, so i wanna get some kick ass stuff, so i could always get another rim if i have to

ok well thats fine…you would have to get the monty 20x2.7 from out of country cuz they dont make it here and you will need a tryall rim for a tire of that girth

I don’t see why a fatter tyre has to be better…

it might not be just for trials. get a 24 inch surly. that tire’s 3.7 inches wide. or get one of those homemade ones with that 4+ inch tire off a wla-mart cruiser bike.

I don’t think you’ll want to get too carried away if you want a tire for trials. Bigger is probably better to a point, but eventually it’ll just become excess weight.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with a good ol’ 2.5" trials tire. I can hang onto ledges with less than half my tire on them with my Luna. Same with the Duro Wildlife Leopard (they say it’s 3", but they’re lying).

this is getting rediculous, screw this, im staying with what i have, why would i need 4 inches? itd be hitting everything and stuff

The size of the tire doesn’t matter at all, what matters is how bouncy the tire is without bottoming out on the rim. For the past weak I have been doing trials on an old bmx tire as my trials uni is getting powder coated. A smaller tire can actualy be helpful because you can turn alot easier and there is less rolling resistance making it easier to go faster quicker. I still prefer my luna but it just goes to show that its not the size of your tire that matters, its how you use it :stuck_out_tongue:

tru…ntappin is right…you could to trials on a 2" tire too. you would just flat spot alot of rims.

If you have a decent rim and enough pressure in your tire you should never flat spot rims.

yea but look at a Muni, they have dx32 and Kh rims that are 39 and 42mm wide and are supporting 3.0" tires

Musketman, Muni has different tire needs than pure trials.

In Muni there’s a lot more rolling over stuff than trials, and a big (and not just) wide tire helps a ton with that.

In trials, you’ve got more hopping, so you need a mix between big and bouncy and relative lightness. So far, I’m thinking a 20x2.5 fits the bill pretty well.

I know that a trials tire doesn’t really need to be any bigger than 2.5, but i was just trying to point out that if u were going to get a bigger tire a dx32 or KH rim would be fine, because most Muni rims are dx32’s and KH rims.

Once again unisteve has missed a critical point and been corrected. We need a smiley like this:

oh well…i think the monty is a waste of time anyways…whats 2/10ths of an inch gonna do anyways…just get a dx rim and a maxxis or a luna tire…its that simple

Here is a funy joke for all the unicyclists out there.
How do you put a fat tire on a diet?
Simple! With your finger, you poke the valve and let some air out!:smiley:

That would acctually make it wider when you rode it…


that was so lame that it was amazing, bravo