Bigger and Better

I am still fairly new to the sport of unicycling and after grasping the basic concepts, I figured it was time to move on to bigger and better things. Thus far all my attempts to make a custom unicycle have been thwarted mostly by the lack of resources and shop services. So I went out and bought a DX. I figured more bang for the buck until my custom is ready.

So off to the park I went to play with my new toy. I first noticed that unassisted mounting was easier, as was general riding. I don’t know if it was all in my head but it just felt that way.

So with some protective gear on I try and turn it up a notch. I attempted a lot of new things that I’ve never tried before. I don’t know what kind of mount it’s called but it the one where you just jump right on top and hope you don’t smash the twig and berries. After getting over the fear landing “wrong” I managed to land it a few times. My balance is improving. Am am now able to hop a little and also attempted a few static 180’s SIF. I still need work on that and idling but I’m getting way better.

I figure now I’ll reserve some more time unicycling. I don’t get enough. I work too hard and have less time on the weekends because there is always something for me to do. It feels nice to vent all this because nobody cares, other than the few neighborhood kids that watch me practice on my “circus bike” and my girlfriend.

If you’re holding the saddle it’s a jump mount, if you fully let the unicycle go before you jump it’s known as the suicide mount.

its called a suicide mount. yea, unicycling is like biking, once you get off the learner bike you can do bigger and better stuff.

beat me to it kington

Thats the truth. I had a crap uni that I bought awhile ago and really couldnt do much but ride it and a some mounts and what not. I just bought a Summit a few weeks ago, and just riding it a couple of times, i have hopped over everything I can find, went up stairs and down. Thrown unispins, 180’s up on curbs and off. It is just a whole new world with this uni. I could never land any of that stuff on my old one thats for sure.

practice what with your GF exactly?:wink:

couldnt resist now could you?

well nice one m8, i agree ever since i got my koxx red devil… i just found my hopping is easier… and uhm… suicide mount is it really called that? Cuase its really not that hard… LOL

The second day i got my koxx1 i decided to learn to jump mount, the first time i landed it no problem… so i got bored of that and did some variations i could think of, firstly one handed… then jumpmounting straight to hopping, then jump mounting to SIF, then unispin 180 jumpounting (that one i can only land 1 in 2… even with lots of practice… looks well cool though :D) and then the suicide mount just came when i got bored and realised i really wasnt using my hands anyways they were just to reassure me…

Just keep hopping onto stuff… today i suprised myself by hopping at least onto a bench… never done it before… i just concentrated, went for a little prehop, and next thing i know i’m on the bench with some idiot shouting “now how your gonna get down?”

I mean wot the hell ? I got up there duh, its pretty obvious i’m gonna jump off ! :roll_eyes: