Bigger 29er muni tires for the adventurous

I thought I would pass along some information I noticed. I’m at this point just learning basic uni stuff, and come from a mountain bike background. In my forum watching I noticed some talk about prototype WTB Kodiak 2.6 29er tires. Mike Curiak who sells wheels and does endurance racing has some prototypes. He previously mentioned he expected a bigger 29er tire to be out for the spring, but it sounds like the design he was testing is going to get scrapped.

Thread with discussion on the tire
Mike Curiak’s site where you might be able to get your hands on these if you are crazy enough to try prototype tires. Judging by the description they sound like DH weight heavy solid tires which would fit the muni tire requirements.

You have lots of time to read forums while recovering from a sprained ankle. Hopefully this will be of use to someone.

In another thread Kris confirmed that the Kodiak tire is dead. If I had a 29er I probably would try to get my hands on one of those prototypes though. Thanks for the links.