Bigfoot Classic uni division

I just found out about this but this mtb festival at Bald Mountain, 20 miles from Arcata, Ca, has several races. There’s X-country, Super-D, Short Track X-country, and Downhill w/ divitions for male and female. July 20, 21, 22.

Anybody interested? I won’t be entering myself,(I need to greatly improve my skills :o ), but I might be able to go and watch (if I can get a ride from someone) if anyone here enters.


Any thoughts?

Looks pretty fun, tho with my skill level and having to drive about 7 hours to get there… I won’t be able to make it…

Some of the events I would be worried about us clogging up the system… They gonna give us 2 shots at the downhill too even if we take 3x longer than the MTBs?