big wheelers

Attention Distance Riders, I’ve been reading about the European Unicycling trip
being planned for this summer and it looks like so much fun but it’s really
expensive. Since there are so few riders going to Europe for this ride I was
wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a distance ride here in the
states? I remember sometime last year that John Drummond wanted to maybe do a
ride up to the Coker factory. Anybody interested? John, are you out there? Any
responses or suggestions would be great. I’m doing a MS150 ride this April and
Mark from Oklahoma is coming down to ride with me but I missed out on the
Minnesota ride a couple of years ago and am too poor for the European ride and
distance riding with those two wheelers just isn’t the same. Hope to hear from
you guys and gals. Thanks and keep riding.

Later, gator. Aj