Big wheel trials

I have really gotten into using my muni for natural trials but a 26 feels big so I am considering a 24 and using a fireball or a duro tire for it. A 19 is small and twitchy to me.

Sounds like a good idea to me. I can actually hop better on my 24 muni than my 19 trials. Tire wise, I’d choose duro, I can get more bounce out of mine than I can with a maxxis cc :angry: . I’ve never tried a fireball though so I can’t compare against the duro. What frame would you go with? Terry had a sweet looking Impact 24" frame up for sale that looked good.I’m assuming he hasn’t sold it since he made this video that had it. Oh, and I have no idea what happened to Feisty, but he used a 24" for trials if I remember right.

Terry won’t sell the frame. But a 24 would feel less retarded for my 6’4 self and less twitchy I hope. I want a used frame but that’s not going well