"Big Wheel on campus" A 36er video

Hi all! I had some tome this past Sunday so I shot this little fun coker vid at a local college campus. Luckily it was deserted due to a “Hawaiin” festival next door, so I had the whole campus to myself!

Well, except for some curious campus police who followed me around trying hard to pretend that they weren’t wacthing my every move, lol.

I also shot some footage for a new “coker-torial” which I decided to edit as a separate video which I’ll post sometime soon. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did making it! :smiley:

Cranks look a little bent…

wait a second,… what ever happened to no more movies:)

great video, you totally should’ve done the phone booth though:D

You really had me at the phone booth haha, I thought you were going to go for it.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Mental ward:p:p

I’m glad you’re keeping at it as well:D

P.S. That was a fun ride Saturday and thanks for the pics:)

Thanks for making another one Terry :). That one was very entertaining. I can’t wait to get back to school and ride on my campus. Cute cat btw.

Haha yeah I know, but that’s the fisheye effect.

My 36’er is supposed to come this weekend. I can’t wait. I don’t think that i will be riding like you do on yours though. great video.

Thanks. Yeah riding on campus can be fun especially since there’s usually lots of stuff to jump on/of and stair sets. But this college doesn’t allow bike riding on campus during school hours.:frowning:

Yes, Morty is a cutie and since putting him on a restricted diet, he’ s down from 13 to 11 lbs, which is about right for his frame. :smiley:

“Please give me a treat!”

ok, you deserve it!




i was going to say he looked skinnier from last time you used him in a video

haha cool cat!
You had me going with the phone box thing, I thought you were either going off of it or just mounting on it. I never thought 36ers could take big drops though! I would have thought the rim would break.

How do you guys afford those Cokers?

a job.

keep making videos

the phone booth thingy would have been fun(ny):smiley:

Haha thanks I plan to while I still can. See my avatar and imagine doing a coker drop from that height and not doing serious damage to your 36er… and youself lol!.. :astonished:

^ ^ ^
yea i agree

nice cat by the way:)

Haha thanks. Morty is awesome! But he told me, “No more wire hangers!!!” So now he has a plastic one to play with!:slight_smile:


nice video as usual.
the tree near the end looked kinda rideable.
but I’m not sure coker is the appropriate unicycle here
You do realize you’ve completely voided the warranty :slight_smile:

Re cats - my cat looking silly with a ‘lion cut’

Thanks yeah I’ll have to try a little tree riding soon! Cute cat btw, and very unusual looking! Is that a Conrish rex?