Big Wheel, Big fun

So I finally got my Bedford 29" Cross-country the other day and today I took it out for its first real test drive.

I figured today would be a great day to really try it and push its limits, performance wise.

  • It was cold

  • We just had sprinkling of fresh snow and its night so its relatively undisturbed,

  • As I said it was night and snow is coming down still so visibility is low,

  • There was black ice anywhere the road was clear enough to actually see the road

  • And finally in the list of conditions thought less than amusing to ride in, there was about a one to two inch thick layer of snow that if you weren’t going fast enough most of the time you would slip in.

I was HYPED.

It was only minus twelve Celsius (I think is about 20 Fahrenheit) so I just wore a hoodie with the hood up and long pants. Being my second time on the thing since I got it I was a little hesitant at first about speed and going around corners but I quickly loosened up. I love this machine, I flew along the streets corners were easier than on a bike and I would say even easier than on either of my 20” unis. None of the aforementioned obstacles posed any problem until the end.

I was exercising and going really fast so the cold wasn’t a problem except for maybe my hands but that’s my own fault.

Snow was never a problem except near then end where it made it a little harder to mount and get going but part of that was getting used to the 127mm cranks. I actually found in some areas that the snow helped with maneuverability, at one point I was going at almost full speed and I had to do about a 60 degree turn around two people and I just leaned into the turn and did a small drift which made the turn feel like effortless.

The Kenda Klaw took care of all of the black ice, slush and thick snow nature could give me, plus I was going so fast that it rarely ever mattered.

Although it was only a 20-minute ride it was tons of fun and I look forward to longer ones, hopefully in more favourable weather. Unfortunatly I have no bike computer and have no clue how long the streets are i went on :thinking:

Also for anyone that is interested my unis is the Bedford 29" XC

KH seat (came with a fusion but i traded it with my trials uni)
bedford frame
suzue hub
cotterless 127 mm cranks
primo resin pedals
KH freeride rim
Kenda Klaw tire

It also came with the usual Bedford freebies and a sweet DVD called Spaced Out.

Thanks for letting me toot my own horn and I hope you enjoyed the read.

im right with ya! although all i have is a 28" sun i love that thing, its so fast and fun i ride all over the place on that thing. i dont even sit on my 20" that much except tonight trying to learn some skills.

I hear you. I’ve had my Coker now for 10 days, and I don’t even want to look at my other unis anymore. My bigwheel is awesome.

And if you’ve ever seen Brian MacKenzie’s “Training Wheel Not Required” video, you’ll know that we can do ANY kind of riding on our big wheels, from trials to street to muni, and of course touring.

I tried a 36 inch Coker last week, and fell in love with it. I’m riding a 24X3 tire now, but will definately be on a Coker by the summer. Awesome.

Flying without wings!


how many and what unis do you have? just curious

Gonna have a couple of Bedford’s Eh <------ A little Canadian Lingo

actualy i bought the trials for a friend of mine (with his money of course) unfortunatly you posted that just after I bought the XC so I was broke:(

but I’m sure my friend will let me give it a couple tries.

Why did you go with the resin pedals? If i know my feet are going to be on the pedals all the time, i much prefer the grip of alloys. Was it the cost?

yeah the resin ones came stock, and I needed the money for a couple of other things, plus resin is fine for a couple months. and after that at least the right pedal is usable for my trials uni.