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>>> Barry Prescott writes >>>
What are the biggest unicycles people have seen ridden, or perhaps ridden

A few years back I saw a lady from the Peking acrobats stack cups and saucers
on her head by throwing them from her foot while rocking on a 40 foot Unicycle
with one foot.


.sig counting how many times I used the word foot.

If I’m not mistaken, this one was about 115 feet tall.

A 5,400 day necro, good job. (I mean that in a non-douchey way. I’m genuinely impressed with your 14 3/4 year revival)

was that ridden unassisted!?!? thats crazy !

Yeah, it may have been the oldest thread I have ever revived. But as things progress, information needs to be updated. The 115ft uni was ridden almost 10 years after the person had asked the question. :slight_smile:

Pretty much. He was harnessed to a crane, but was unassisted in riding.

Here for info.

Well, he was tethered, if that’s what you mean. For safety reasons, he was tied to a crane above him, but it was not supporting any of his weight.

Presumably so was the uni, or no one in the audience would have been safe either

Much less the unicycle itself. Sem put to rest the question, hovering since 1980, of whether Steve McPeak had really ridden his 101-footer. He pedaled it, but the crane held it up. This is obvious to anyone who has ridden tall unicycles. Sem was the only thing controlling his record-holding unicycle while he pedaled it.

But back to that original post. Matt, I know you’re still there, lurking, waiting for a reply: Kicking cups on a 40’ unicycle? I do don’t believe you. What made you think it was 40’ tall? Unicycles that tall require an awful lot of headroom; possibly more than most venues have available. Maybe a 4 meter unicycle? That would still be pretty high, but a lot more realistic for all that one-footed idling up there…