big tires for trials

ok I have a few questions about trial tires.

1.does a bigger tire help does a bigger tire help much better would a 20" x 2.50" tire then a 20" x 2.50" tire
thats all the qustions for now but I might come up with more

No better at all.:smiley:

A bigger tire gives you more bounce. For compressing to hop higher, and absorbtion for landing drops.

is that it

You would be surprised at how much the extra bounce can affect your maximum hop height!

Rock on!

if it helps as much as it looks like it does from what you all are saying i think I could hop great because I can hop good with the tire I got

unless I’m missing the point here, a 20" x 2.50" tire is no better than a 20" x 2.50" tire as they are the same

Different trials tires have different tread patterns, sidewall thicknesses and made of grippier/slicker rubber composites which can be as much a factor as size when choosing the best one for you

It is better to check the metric size of the tires rather than the inches size as the metric is more accurate


The biggest difference between a trials tire and a normal tire is something called the TPI. A trials tire is around 25 TPI but a bmx tire is at 60! huge difference there. TPI stands for threads per inch, This makes the tire much more durable and much bouncier and able to stay strong with high volume. The amount of air in your tire without raising the pressure is the biggest plus to a trials tire. They have lots of room in there for alot of air, and so they will be very bouncy but unlike a BMX tire, they don’t have to be bottoming out every time you use it on low pressure.

i messed that up sorry

ok should i go with a trials tire or could i keep my other one

You are fine with what you enjoy, but with a higher TPI tire you are more likely to hurt your rim. But if your rim is cheap anyways then I would stick with a crappy bmx tire if you like it.