Big Tip for Learning Crankgrab to Rubber

Ok, I recently learnt how to do a crankgrab to rubber, and I found something that helped a lot in learning it. You have to find a ledge with a fence or something behind it that you can grab onto with your hand. Grab on to it and then go to crankgrab. Make sure that your crankgrab is solid and then try to jump like mad, pulling the uni up after you. Do not just pull up on the uni, it will NOT work. Make sure to jump a lot and have the uni follow you. I went from being able to jump to rubber and then fall to being able to do it fine. Yay. I hope this helps someone learn the crankgrab to rubber. Good luck!

YES!:DThanks a lot I finally landed it but I havent been able to practice recently so yeh. I should practice now. Thanks again!

yea, thats a good idea. the way i learned was sif, lean over the spot you want to land on and then to hop as high as possible, it worked for me.