Big thanks to Rolf Thompson!

Well for those who went to Moab Munifest this year, you may have been saddened by the news that this was the last year that Rolf and his family were in charge of our good times in the mekka of muni events, Munifest. I know we will be back formal or informal for the great trails, good times, and good friends. I hope someone will step forward to try and fill the large shoes that Rolf has graciously worn these past 10 years (just longer than UDC).

So I would just like to make this thread to thanks Rolf and the rest of the Thompson family for all they have done to contribute to our always growing sport, and for their hard work every year.There isn't much point in making toooo many Moab threads so we should talk about our highlights here, fun times, fun rides, great moments, and of course the great work done by the Thompson family!

Yeah man! It was fantabulous and I’m really glad I finally was able to do it.
It was great meeting so many sweet people and shreding with them.
It was awesome.
Thanks a lot to the Thompsons. :slight_smile:

And thanks to Dan and Spencer for getting the sexy shot of my dropping off the toilet and the slickrock. :wink:

Lol its funny to finally put some faces to a few names on the forums…I spent so much time with Jackie this weekend and did not know it was Goats On Unicycles til just now! lmao

Big, big THANKS to Rolph and ALL the Thompson family for this great event.

…and for the trail directions.

You guys rock! You enthusiasm and passion for the sport is infectious!

I didn’t even make it to this Moab, but I did make it to one and right away I was blown away at how well organized it was and how much work must have gone into it.

Thanks again to the Thompson family!

muni fest was great this year. and i’ve decided that its way too good an event to let die, so i think i will be getting together with a few other locals and taking on the challenge.

Thanks Rolf and family. I think I can safely say that we wouldn’t be the unicyclist we are today without Moab Munifest. And there wouldn’t have been a munifest in Moab without the Thompson family

for reals. Rolf has done an incredible job for the Munifest and i really hope someone else can fill the gap left after this retirement.

It just doesn’t get better than Moab. Rolf and his family have done such an amazing job organizing MMF. My daughter went this year and she’s only been riding about half a year. We walked more than we rode, but the experience was amazing. The people, the trails, the dinner, everything.

Thanks Rolf!

PS - the “seed” Rolf’s mother planted by giving him a uni, and he’s been sewing… I went to MMF with a friend 3 years ago. I just walked, but it got me hooked on muni. Now all 5 in my family ride, I got my friend and her two kids to ride, and then three other people who have seen us on the trails have also started to ride. Two of my brothers and 3 of their kids have picked it up… so count at least 16 unicyclists from my one visit to Moab 3 years ago!

Oh man, I missed it this year and it was his last year? That sucks. Thanks for the all the work you’ve done, Rolf, and I hope someone can take up the banner.

I brought my helmet cam along to moab, and I’ll be posting up some clips from the first day of riding. I forgot to change the batteries so I missed recording the second day :frowning: I only got a few blurry pictures of the crazy bus ride up to the top. 19 people in a 12 passenger van was quite the ride

It’s the end of an era, but marked by an awesome weekend! The Porcupine Rim, which I got to ride for the first time on Saturday, is one of my new favorite trails anywhere. We’ll be back, it’s just a question of how we’re all going to work it. Maybe in smaller groups, maybe in more spread out groups, we’ll see. And next time, the Thompsons, and all those other volunteers who have worked so hard these past years, will get to just show up and enjoy!

Thanks again to the Thompson family, and everyone else who has been a part of the Moab MUni Fest over the years. The picture below is from my first visit, in 2001. Missing from the photo is Spencer Thompson, who rode a bike that day, and Dave Maxfield, who chose to ride a less-strenuous trail. Left to right: Christian Marchant, me, Krazy Karl, Rolf and Brett Bymaster. We’re on the main Slickrock loop, overlooking Colorado River and the end of the Porcupine Rim Trail (over Brett’s shoulder). Christian, Karl and Brett rode nearly every single inch of the Slickrock Trail that day.


This past weekend was my 3rd time in Moab. These weekends have been without a doubt the best unicycle events I have attended over the years. They will be missed!

Thank you Rolf and the whole Thompson family for all the great work and hospitality!


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, ETC. to Rolf and everyone that made the last 10 years such a great success and awesome experience. Rolf, you and your family are amazing kind people that are always helping and putting out positive energy into this world and it’s just great. We need more people like the Thompson family. Thanks again and hope to see you again next year as a rider, not an organizer!

ya thanks rolf for sure a contribution to the uni community!
maybe we will all see u there next year!

Thank you Thompson Family! This event has been such a fantastic success and we are all so fortunate that you were willing to make it happen for 10 years. It has made a huge difference to our sport and there are a lot of new riders and new friends out there because of it.


+1. For ten years it’s been the most epic muni fest in the world. I glad to attend a few of them, but I’m not done.

I can’t see Moab stopping. Only a changing of the guards. Hope to see Rolf and family at many more moab muni fest.

again kudos for the Thompson Family! what a huge work!
I was thinking of setting up MMF sequels for european riders (that is less organised -for a smaller group- but with different dates so that could be done during easter vacations in Europe -and in the middle of the week-)

I will publish ride reports (in french :astonished: !) and pix on the web soon.

thanks Rolf (BTW I was impressed by the ride on one young member of the family I spotted at the end of porcupine and who did awesome jumps to go down a difficult gully).

Those must be some stinky shoes if Rolf has been wearing them for 10 years.


Ahh damn, I’ve been wanting to go on one for years now, I had plans to come this year but couldnt for varoios reasons

good luck to the thompsons in all futur endaevours